Additional Facilitator Themes

Now that you have completed or are finishing off the Moon Mná Circle Facilitators Course and had time to hone each of the 12 monthly Themes lovingly, you may be hungry for more. I am honoured to bring you extra Themes so you can listen to your heart choosing when to facilitate them for your Circles. I will be adding more over the time ahead as the land of Ireland, the Irish Goddesses and indeed our beautiful bodies tell me what to dream in for us all. The first three are the Keening Ceremony, Skyclad Swimming and the Sovereignity Rites of Ériu. 

Additional Moon Mná Facilitator Themes

Here is what you receive for each theme

Sacred Rites and Ceremonies

The unique aspect of Moon Mná Women's Circles is offering the Goddess Rites and Divine Feminine Ceremonies to other women.

Videos for each Theme

The video material is concise and informative bringing the Course content alive, as well as demonstrating the ceremonial aspects of each diverse Theme.

Chant / Audio for each Theme

Each Theme has a specific Chant to be sung in unison during the varied Ceremonies which creates a soulful atmosphere.

Documents for each Theme

The written materials take you step by step through each Theme providing simple yet solid structural guidance with suggested scripts for you to translate into your own words.


New Moon Mná Circle Facilitator Themes

Here below you may read about the extra Themes offered and choose all or some to offer to the women in your Moon Mná Circles. Listen to your heart to know what calls to you now or later. Although you may be working your way through the Course or perhaps have completed recently or indeed a long time ago, I have given you the option of filling in a Reflective Feedback to send to me if you have specific questions. You can of course simply email me as well – your choice. These extra Themes are separate to the Moon Mná Circle Facilitators Course certification.

Pre-requisite: Completed the foundation course of the Moon Mná Facilitators Training. You can be a current trainee or a past / current facilitator of the Moon Mná Themes.

Join any theme individually for €83.00

Keening Ceremony - Local Circle

Keening is an old Irish tradition and was an integral part of the Irish ‘Wake’ which celebrated the deceased person’s life. A key part was the presence of ‘Mná Caoineadh’ (Irish Gaelic for ‘Keening or Crying Women’ pronounced ‘Meh-naw Kee-ah’). These were professional ‘criers’ who sobbed for hours shedding tears, anger, angst and any emotions that needed to be released for all present. They gave ‘permission’ to all to vocally lament especially anyone who might find it more difficult.

The modern version of the Keening Ceremony centres around a clear Bowl or Cauldron in place of a coffin. Instead of ‘official’ Keeners everyone who wishes to take part sits in a circle around the Keening vessel with a black veil or scarf covering their head and eyes to evoke the ancestral women who took part in these ceremonies and allow inhibitions to be released easily.

It is a deep honour to faciliate this modern evolution of an ancient practise. We are releasing tears not simply for ourselves but for our lineage and our beautiful Earth. We are also bringing back the old ways for family members and beloved soul sisters.

Skyclad Swimming - Local Circle

This wild and wonderful Theme gifts us the delicious invitation to consider swimming naked in some or all of our glory, in the company of like-hearted women. Skyclad Swimming is all about body consciousness, daring to bare and community strength and safety. It is one of the most rewarding Themes to be a part of and a huge milestone for many of us women. The word ‘Skyclad’ means wearing nothing but the Sky, naked as the day you were born. The deliciousness of feeling the water against your bare skin, the fun and laughter of the community of women together and the freedom of it all is exhilarating!

As women how are we with our bodies and our nakedness? What messages, conscious or unconscious, did we pick up from our mothers & grandmothers. Do you ever admire another woman for what you don’t see in yourself, thinking ‘her breasts/legs look fantastic’ while ignoring your own? Liking someone else’s curves but berating yourself for carrying a few extra pounds? This is a unique opportunity to honour your feminine body and the sacredness inside. This Theme is ideally offered outdoors by the sea, ocean or riverside but can also be facilitated at an indoor pool or jacuzzi.

Spring Equinox - Goddess Gráinne

Gráinne teaches us how to harness our youthful verve and enthusiasm as we face life’s challenges with drive. Spring Equinox ushers in the 'quickening' when life takes a major grow spurt with a noticeable difference in the times of dawn and dusk. Now we forge ahead with our plans as they burgeon bringing our dreams to fruition.

Bealtaine - Goddess Ériu

Ériu is our guardian as she guides us to embody, know and hold our own sovereignty. Beltaine/Beltane announces early Summer as plants and trees wear their arraignment of flowers beautifully and our world becomes a profusion of colour and light. Now we too begin to emerge with vibrant passion and enthusiasm for life.

Summer Solstice - Goddess Danu

Danu is the personification of the Earth itself here in these Celtic Lands, where she provides for us with natural abundance and generosity. The Summer Solstice to our Ancestors was a celebration of the light from both the Sun and from their understanding of the Divine. Our invitation too is to shine our light for all to see.

Lughnasadh - Goddess Macha

Northern Irish Goddess Macha’s gift is to know that we do indeed reap what we sow. She teaches us to bravely speak up no matter the consequences. Lughnasadh is a time of much revelry as communities, after the hard work of bringing in the early harvest, celebrated their bounty. We may be inspired to realise our good fortune too.

Autumn Equinox - Síle Na Gig

The Celtic Wheel of the Year spirals to conclusion at Autumn Equinox which ushers in a time of balance and harmony. This turning point reminds us to befriend the powerhouse that is Síle Na Gig and allow her to inspire us to harness our wild and wonderful sexuality. An important step to acknowledge this vital part of who we are.

Samhain - An Cailleach

An Cailleach, the great Crone Goddess guides us as we gently enter hibernation time. Samhain has always been a natural time for reflection on Life and Death, on personal renewal as we celebrate the turning of the year. At the Celtic New Year, we pay homage to those who have lived before us so that we have life today - our Ancestors.

Winter Solstice - Goddess Boann

Boann, who embodies the mighty River Boyne gifts us the power to flow in our decisions, to tend to our fledgling plans which can lead us to greatness beyond our wildest dreams. The Winter Solstice heralds the return of the light in the depths of Winter and so for our Ancestors, in the stillness of hibernation, hope was born.

You will have the opportunity to progress through the Course material at your own self-pace first and then offer the Theme you have chosen to the women in your Moon Mná Circle.

Access to each individual Theme material is for 3 years.

There are no refunds, and payment plans may not be cancelled once they have been initiated. Please consider your needs before joining, thank you.


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