Self Ceremony Payment

Attune to your Inner Goddess

Once you make payment you will be redirected to the your Ceremony. You will also receive an email which contains the link to the Self Ceremony, please check your spam/promotions folder  if you don’t receive an email into your general inbox. Please retain this email to gain access when you need.

Please read through the terms and conditions.

  1. €15 plus booking fee of €0.95 = €15.95
  2. This is for creating your own solo ceremony only.
  3. We ask that you do not share this with a third party.
  4.  Access this Self Ceremony expires on the  31st of September 2020
  5. Once you make the purchase this item will not be refundable.
  6. Moon Mná does not ask or retain any credit card details. Payment is made directly with Stripe, a payment processing platform. 
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