Brigid's Global Fire Blessings

This Imbolg at 7pm Moon Mná Facilitators offered Brigid’s Fire Blessings in a worldwide spiral, collectively lighting Brigid’s Flame from candles holding the energy of her Fire Temple in Kildare. Brigid known to many as Goddess and Saint tended a perpetual Fire at her Temple with her community in Kildare for centuries. This was relit in modern times by the Solas Bhríde Sisters who tend this symbolic flame continually. 

Brigid’s Fire Blessing is unique to Moon Mná and gifts you an awakening of the sacred element in your heart tapping into your creativity and passion for life. Moon Mná facilitators receive and learn to gift this unique Blessing as part of the online course to host their own Moon Mná Women’s Circles.


A photo of each light filled Ceremony was taken from the Circles in Canada, America, Australia, Mexico, Europe and Ireland as part of the Herstory Light Festival. An annual event celebrating women and equality, taking place over Brigid’s Day in honour of Ireland’s triple goddess and matron Saint #Herstory.


Your chance to create your own solo

Ceremony to Brigid

Brigid is the Goddess of Springtime and she gifts us the ability to release the old and welcome in the new at this cleansing time of year. Our Theme this month offers an invitation to cleanse and clear our homes energetically.

The inspiration for this Self Ceremony came at the Healing Well in Kildare under a beautiful Waning Full Moon inspired by Brigid as early preparations for Imbolg began. 

February's Ceremony

Energetic Spring Clean with the Goddess Brigid

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Global Blessings Locations


Andrea Givan,  Sacred Woman Celtic Moon Mná Circle, 6pm to 9pm, 1st Feb., The Fox & Bean Dungannon Co.Tyrone, [email protected]  +447788180546,


Pat Kavanagh,  Moon Mná Southwest Donegal, 1st Feb, 7-10pm, Glencollumkille [email protected] Mobile 0872399283


Andrea Kelly, Moon Mná Women’s Circle Roscommon,  1st Feb. 7pm Private Ceremony. 


Annette Cleary, Awakening Soul-Moon Mná Celtic Womens Circle,7pm Ist Feb., Mullingar, 0863162046, [email protected]


1. Karen Ward, Moon Mná Celtic Circles, 7pm 1st Feb., Smithfield D7, [email protected] See above for booking

2. Leisha McGrath, Inner Brightness Moon Mná, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Private circle


Siobhán Madden, Moon Mná West Wicklow, 6.45pm-9.45pm, The Lalor Centre, Baltinglass, [email protected] , Training Circle


Vivienne Carty, Moon Mná Kildare, Feb 1st 7pm. Private ceremony. 


Arlene Caffrey, Moon Mná Circle, 7pm 1st Feb. Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny, Private Ceremony 


Susan Gallagher, Gealach Úr Moon Mná Women’s Circle, 7pm Saturday 1st February, Waterford City, email: [email protected], 087 2210583


Sannie Cuddihy, Sacred SiStarhood Moon Mná Circle, 1st Feb, 7-10pm Courtown, Co Wexford. Private Ceremony


Jacqueline Ryan, Moon Mná na Mara, 1st Feb, Kilcolgan, Co. Galway, Private Ceremony


Kathy Nettles, Moon Mná Cornwall, 7.00pm 1st Feb., Devon, Private Ceremony. 


Solveig Katrin Jonsdottir, Nýmána Moon Mná Iceland, 1st Feb. Hjartastaðir/Elliðakot/ Reykjavík Iceland. [email protected] tel. 6963343


  1. Monica O’Rourke, Moon Mná Fresno, Ist Feb 5pm in Fresno, CA, Contact 5592895425 or [email protected]

2. Molly Maguire, Moon Mná Bolinas Circle, Ist Feb. 7 pm, Bolinas, CA. [email protected]

3. Annette Davis Campbell, Moon Mna Circle Urbana, 1st February, Urbana, Illinois, Private Ceremony only.

4. Cara Gardner, Moon Mna Celtic Women’s Circle SF Bay Area, Heartland Healing Arts, Fairfax CA 6:30 pm Feb 1st, Private Circle only. 

4. Brigid Whitehead, Moon Mná Denver,  Feb. 1, 5pm, Denver, Co. Private Ceremony.


  1. Regina Wright, Rekindling the Flame Moon Mná Circle, February 1 from 10 am – 5 pm, Presentation Sisters Retreat House
    St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, 709 727 9986,[email protected]

2. Della Ratcliffe, Wise Woman Bean Gealach  Moon Mná Circle, February 1st, Vancouver, Canada, [email protected]–brighids-fire.html

3. Donna Lee Urlacher, Moon Mná Prairie Sage, Feb 1st, Alberta, Private Ceremony


Jenny Lewis, Habla Mi Corazón Moon Mná Circle,1st [email protected] in Oaxtepec, Morelos, Mexico [email protected]  5515805567


Kristin Tyson, Moon Mná Mooloolaba, Queensland, 1st Feb Sunrise 5am [email protected] ph: 045 036 1139