As Moon Mná Facilitators this is your opportunity to receive Brigid’s Fire Blessing as the Global event is taking place. Please treat this as a Ceremony, creating private time for yourself, opening and closing Sacred Space if you have done the Foundation (if not then with intention invite in an energetically  safe environment knowing that I am holding this for you with Brigid.) 

Brigid's Story

Brigid's Fire Blessing

Brigid's Chant

“Brigid, shine your Light on us and show us the way,

Brigid, shine your Light on us & show us the way.

In the dark of night and the bright of day,

Brigid, shine your Light on us & show us the way”.  

Thank you for taking part in Brigid’s Global Fire Blessing. May you enjoy the rest of your evening knowing that you were part of a great Spiral of Light across Mother Earth with your Moon Mná tribal soul sisters. You might wish to journal or sit quietly under Seanmháthair Gealach’s Half Moon energies afterwards reflecting in the power of sacred women’s community.