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Bealtaine the start of early Summer

Bealtaine the start of early Summer by Dr Karen Ward. This article was commissioned for the RTE website’s Brainstorm section. In Ireland, according to the national meteorological service, Met Éireann, the Summer months are June, July and August. However, according to the Irish calendar, Summer begins on 1st May and ends on 31st July. This is relates specifically to the ancient Celtic Festival …

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Nollaig na mBan

Nollaig na mBan As I began to write in my Moon Mná Diary-Journal for the first time this year, the Moon waxed to Half Phase glory. I so love the sense of balance and harmony I feel when twice a month Seanmháthair Gealach reflects her glorious Moonlight from the bright and dark skies. There is …

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Faerie Folk

Faerie Folk July’s Moon is often referred to as the ‘Hay’ Moon since we can see the farmers ‘literally making hay while the sun shines’ throughout the green verdant countryside. Sometimes you see the old fashioned hayricks and I sense that the ‘wee ones’ are peeking out at us from playing within gifting us the …

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