Lunar Gathering Circles – August  – Owning Your Power with the Irish Goddesses

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Fáilte Welcome to this months’ Soulwork which compliments all you have experienced in the Lunar Gathering (please note that if you have not been able to attend that then this is an alternative). This is designed for you to do solo.

The inspiration for this Self Ceremony Theme: Owning Your Power with the Irish Goddesses was gifted to me when completing our Sacred Ireland Celtic Moon oracle cards at the Waning Crescent Moon.

This month’s Self Ceremony gifts you the opportunity to change something very deep in our culture and pave the way for future generations of younger women. Owning Your Power with the assistance of the Irish Goddesses will pave the way to honour, respect and bring to the fore this vital part of our being holistically. All under the phase of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon that resonates most with you. This simple yet highly effective Moon Ritual will gift you the ability to know and embrace your empowerment safely and easily. 

You are now following in the footsteps of your foremother Ancestors creating Self Ceremony in the privacy of your own home or garden.  It is time to begin – your Celtic soul is ready.