Circle Facilitator Theme – The Sovereignty Rites of Ériu

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This extra Moon Mná Circle Facilitators Course Theme is very special, indeed I would say vital for those of us who choose to turn up to be of service for other women and our communities. I waited a long time for Goddess Ériu to allow me to offer this precious Rite to you all – until she felt the time was right in the best possible way. I was given permission to film on true Bealtaine at the Hill of Uisneach Fire Festival. This magnificent place is at the very centre of the island – the heart of Ireland. I am truly honoured to gift you your Sovereignty Rites of Ériu at the Ail na Mireann Cat Stone where she is buried on this sacred site. This is where Ériu earthed the sovereignty of Ireland in the land for us to retrieve when we are ready and our hearts are open. It is time, you have stepped forward and she awaits you and the women you will share her treasured Rite with.