Circle Facilitator – December’s Theme – Goddess Boann’s Crafting and Storytelling Theme

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The objective of this module of the Course material is to prepare you to host the Moon Mná Theme: Goddess Boann’s Crafting and Storytelling. This offers you a variety of ways to introduce the soothing rhythms of creative practices and the joys of a good ‘yarn’ and gives you examples of the core Moon Mná aspects of holding a Circle in relation to this Theme. You will be taught how to offer the women who sit with you the opportunity to flow, river like, with the lilting voices of stories as busy hands knit and sow. There are videos, audio files and documents with information to empower you to gift the women in your Circle a truly heart warming experience.

The videos from this Theme include those from outside and inside Newgrange, the Cairn where the rising Sun shines at dawn on the Winter Solstice and from the banks of the Boann’s River Boyne, Co.Meath, Ireland.  

Enjoy this sacred Theme and may the festive season of mid Winter be all that you and yours dream of.