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This Moon Mná Series is so much more than simply an homage to the Irish Goddesses – it is a glorious opportunity to see how their archetypal energies relate to our contemporary lives today as modern women. I am honoured to offer my bardic skills to bring their stories, myths and legends alive on video. Then guide you, on the significance of their lives and the Celtic Festival and Season they are aligned with.  Finally and most importantly how to embody their gifts into your being. To deepen this experience you may then choose to follow the very simple exercises to connect with each Goddess in your own way. In the principle that ‘all time is now’ you can start at any time of the year and complete them all, at the same time or over a few days, rather than waiting until the specific season. Of course you can also then return to them during the specific Celtic Festival too. This is the beauty of this unique Moon Mná offering.

This sacred cycle takes us around the four Seasons with two Festivals each guided by eight Irish Goddesses. We start in the Wintertime – the beginning of the Celtic New Year. Firstly I set the scene by describing the particular Festival, then you watch and listen to the guardian Goddess’s story, followed by relating her attributes to your life before ‘meeting’ her in a safe and simple exercise.


The Celtic Wheel of the Year

Our Ancestors lived by the ‘Wheel of the Year’ to orientate their world according to the Seasons and their meaningful rhythms. From watching Mother Earth and Father Sky intently, the ancients knew that each year the Earth revolves around the Sun in an elliptical circuit through eight significant markers. These are called the two Equinoxes (Spring and Autumn), the two Solstices (Summer and Winter) and the four ‘Cross Quarter Days’ known as Fire Festivals which herald the beginning, midpoint and end of our Seasons. Defined by the Earth’s tilt and the Sun’s position, these moments are shared across the planet. In ancient times they marked the cycles and rhythms of life. The eight Celtic Festivals occur approximately every six weeks in a calendar year. Due to our realisation of the importance of our environment and how we tend the Earth, our Mother, once again they are being widely recognised as special and significant times. 

Now you have the unique opportunity to follow in your fore-mothers ancestral footsteps with this exquisite Moon Mná Series. We too start in the early Winter time of Samhain spiralling to Winter Solstice and Imbolg heralding the Spring leading to the first Equinox. Then Bealtaine brings early Summer sweeping to the Solstice peak as we gently descend to Lughnasadh and Autumn Equinox to finish. Along the way the wise Crone, River Goddess Boann, mighty Brigid, Maiden Gráinne, Sovereignty Goddess Ériu, Earth Mother Danu, Horse Goddess Macha and wild Sile na Gig guide our journey together.

Dive deep and enjoy this epic adventure of your Celtic soul. This is a journey of knowing, insight, self discovery and wild imagination. Enjoy!