Lunar Gathering Circles – March – Moontime Art with Goddess Gráinne

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Fáilte Welcome to this months’ Soulwork which compliments all you have experienced in the Lunar Gathering (please note that if you have not been able to attend that then this is an alternative). This is designed for you to do solo.

The inspiration for this Self Ceremony Theme: Moontime Art emerged in quiet time under the powerful Dark Moon inspired by Irish Celtic Goddess Gráinne (pronounced Grawn-yah) as I began to hear the call of Spring Equinox on the wind. 

Our Theme this month offers an invitation to collect your precious life enhancing menstrual blood and use it to honour your cycle, being a woman and life itself. Irish Goddess Gráinne with her youthful vibrancy of I-can-do-anything is here to help. This simple yet highly effective Self Ceremony will gift you the opportunity to know intimately what our fore-mothers called the Blood Mysteries – the immense power of women. 

You are now following in the footsteps of your foremother Ancestors creating Self Ceremony in the privacy of your own home or garden.  It is time to begin – your Celtic soul is ready.