Circle Facilitator – November’s Theme – Reveal Your Inner Goddess (S)

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The objective of this module of the Course material is to prepare you to host the Moon Mná Theme: Reveal Your Inner Goddess.  You will find here a variety of methods to learn how to offer the women who come to sit in Circle an opportunity to express their soul essence safely. Examples of the core Moon Mná aspects of the Theme are presented in videos and matching documents to empower you to connect the women with their spiritual guidance including an Irish Deity, encourage their sharing in Tribes of Triskels and finally to gently coax them to reveal their Inner Goddess.

The videos from this Theme come to you from the garden of local holistic therapist Bernie McEnerney who was delighted to receive this precious opportunity as you will see in the Demonstration. Her Inner Goddess photograph sits proudly in her Therapy Room. 

Please enjoy this really artistic Theme and all that the Irish Goddesses and Seanmháthair Gealach offer us as we unveil our true inner beauty, wisdom and grace.