The Goddess Spiral – Spring Equinox – Goddess Gráinne

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The Celtic Festival of Spring Equinox

Cónocht an Earraigh, Spring Equinox in Gaelic, (Ko-knockt On Arr-ig) communally celebrated around March 21s​ t​ is a special cosmic event that we may rejoice in. The daylight of Spring is growing to equality with the declining hours of darkness. How we pause to come into alignment with the balance of Mother Earth and Father Sun is important. All health is based on balance and as humans, we are hardwired to live in synchronicity with the Natural energies of our world. Our fast- paced modern living may every so often go into overdrive as we try to meet the multiple demands of present day life. Spring Equinox is a key moment to take stock and remember to make space for personal ceremony for our holistic health.