Faerie Folk

July’s Moon is often referred to as the ‘Hay’ Moon since we can see the farmers ‘literally making hay while the sun shines’ throughout the green verdant countryside. Sometimes you see the old fashioned hayricks and I sense that the ‘wee ones’ are peeking out at us from playing within gifting us the perfect time to honour, connect and believe in our many Faerie tribe friends and allies.
It gladdens my heart to know that I can talk to other grown adults about the Faeries in confidence and knowledge that you know what I am talking about OR wish to know more. As a girl I was entranced by fairy stories and adored their magic messages and how they always seemed be just where they needed to be when the heroine was in trouble. I lapped up the fashion miracle created by the Fairy Godmother in ‘Cinderella’, the curtailment of a serious dilemma by the Good Fairy in ‘Sleeping Beauty’, the protective vulnerability of the seven Dwarves in ‘Snow White’ and of course Tinker Bell’s ditziness in ‘Peter Pan’.

However more important to me were the fairies at the bottom of my Granny’s garden. I could sense them, sometimes even smell them! As a Capricorn eldest child I was serious and cautious enough to know that it was not a good idea to talk about this openly as I might be well be ridiculed by others. So you can imagine my delight now in being able to converse freely with my young nieces as we write letters to the ‘good folk’ who live in some local parks with fairy woodlands complete with little tree doors and signage for all to revel in. Now that I have learnt to be still within myself to be able to ‘converse’ with them I choose to honour Faerie Folk by using the preferred (in my opinion and sense) older spelling of their name.

I am offering a deep personal immersion with the Faerie Tribes at the annual Moon Mná weekend in Wicklow 12th-14th July and the Moon Mná Facilitators worldwide are offering The Faerie Rites Theme this month in their Circles for details of both please go to www.moonmna.ie invite playful, magical joy into your life.