The Goddess Wheel of the Year Series

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Celtic Festivals, the Irish Goddesses and their relevance to your life today? This latest offering from Moon Mná brings their stories alive on video and tells you fascinating details about each Celtic Festival with a safe and simple Ritual to connect with the energies of both.

Our wise Ancestors divided the year into 8 distinct sections – the start of each Season and the midpoint between each mirrored in the Skies above and the Earth below. So Samhain begins Winter, Imbolg heralds Spring and the Solstice marks Mid-Summer or mid Winter depending on which Hemisphere you live in.  Each Festival has a guardian Irish Goddess and I am honoured to offer my bardic skills to bring their stories, myths and legends alive. Then I will guide you, on the significance of their archetypal energies with the Celtic Festival and Season they are aligned with. To deepen this experience, you may then choose to follow the very simple exercises to connect with each Goddess in your own way to embody their gifts into your being.

Celtic Goddesses
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This sacred cycle takes us around the four Seasons with two Festivals each guided by eight Irish Goddesses. You will receive the whole series on payment and have access to this for a whole year, tapping into each new Celtic Festival as the year progresses.

Don’t miss this unique Moon Mná treasure, a  glorious opportunity to experience how the Irish Goddesses and their archetypal energies and the Celtic Wheel of the year relate to your contemporary life today as modern woman.

This Series also offers the Southern Hemisphere seasonal references, equal and opposite to the Northern Hemisphere where the Celtic Festivals, Goddesses emanated. 

This Moon Mná Series is now available for €53.00 and is suitable for wherever you are in the World!

Celtic Goddesses
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