Moon Mná Online Course

Now is the Time

If you aspire to begin a Women’s Circle or already host your own classes or workshops then the Moon Mná Facilitators Course is for you. Some women begin the Course for their own benefit and then choose to step into facilitation as they gain knowledge, experience and confidence. This Course has many aspects and is designed to meet you wherever you are in relation to hosting your own Moon Mná Circle.  

As a woman in our busy world, you choose when you want to start at any time of the year and continue in your own unique rhythm. As you embark on this new journey, know that you are in a global community of women, under the watchful gaze of Grandmother Moon as she waxes and wanes through the ebbs and flows the seasons, just as she has done since time immemorial.

You will receive 13 Modules one per month over 13 months inspired by the Lunar yearly cycle. When you first join you will receive the Moon Mna Foundation Module. Then on the first day of the next month you will receive the next relevant Theme inspired by the Seasonal Celtic Festival Wheel. The easy to follow guidance will flow from one topic to the next.

Foundation Theme

This first Module is the Course Foundation around which all the other 12 Themes orbit. This has much valuable material which you will return to again and again as you become familiar with the various Rituals and Ceremony. It is designed to give you a strong and solid basis with each month flowing into the really beautiful deep work of the Divine Feminine. 

Course Requirements

Most women who begin the Course aim to become certified as Moon Mná Facilitators, although this is optional. The Certification is provided by the Sli an Chroi School of Shamanism who are ratified by the Society of Shamanic Practice and the Complementary Therapists Association. To receive your Certificate at the end of the Course, there are a few requirements; making precious time to commune with Seanmhathair Gealach and the Lunar Theme material, hosting your own Moon Mna Circle (which may be a small training Circle) and completing the short Reflective Feedback.  There is no immediate requirement to do this each month. It is advised to go at your own pace and speed and step into the work when you are fully ready. As mentioned some women begin the journey to certification at varying stages. 


Time Requirement

The Course material is designed so that you can watch and listen for an hour the week before you plan to hold your Circle at your favourite Moon phase.  This means that you have plenty of time to gather the items you need for that particular Theme. You may return to the Course material again while in preparation.

Hosting your Circle

To begin you need to gather a small training Circle of at least two women to gift the Rites  and lead in the various Theme techniques. You may decide to start a full Circle straight away especially if you are already working with groups i.e. teach Yoga, Meditation etc.


Reflective Feedback

This is a simple form with questions based on the Theme material to complete after you have held your Moon Mná Circle. This is a fantastic way to engage with me as I give feedback and answers your queries each time. Many women really enjoy and appreciate this way of communicating as they progress through the Course.

Today across Mother Earth there are women whose foremothers walked these shores and held deep in their hearts the seeds of the Divine Feminine. Is this the time for you to awaken and nurture this precious gift within?


May your Journey begin

Payment will be in monthly instalments of €90.00 to be paid by the 21st each month so that on the 1st of every month you can  receive the Moon Mná Lunar Theme. Payment is made via Paypal or Stripe with automatic renewal every month from your 1st instalment. 

90 euros/month


 As women and those who identify as women, we ask that you answer 13 very special reflective questions first. We know you will enjoy this insightful and intuitive process. This Course is not for everyone and we will gently guide you as to the timing and suitability.