Let's Gather Under the Lunar Eclipse


5th June 8pm-9pm (Irish time)

Mother Rites of Danu

Come join me under the powerful Lunar Eclipse to receive the  transformative Mother Rites of Danu, unique to Moon Mná. As women this is a Rite of Passage and foundational to our place in the world, this is the second of the key phases in our lives – Maiden, Mother, Crone. The Goddess Danu, sometimes called Anú or Dana, means ‘the Flowing One’. The Ancients knew her as the Goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann. To them she was the great Mother of all the Deities, of Ireland and the Divine Creator who birthed all things into being.

Hear the call of Goddess Danu who wishes to awaken within your soul, your unique ways of mothering, whether you have given birth or not. This transpersonal experience is a gift to yourself, for as women we all hold the essence of the mother archetype.

 All ages of women are welcome especially if you:
– wish to step into mothering yourself and want to consciously experience your mothering phase of life
– want to fully embrace and soulfully acknowledge being a physical mother at whatever age your children may be
– need to overcome any unhappy memories of stepping into motherhood
– yearn for the opportunity to honour this vital aspect as a non-birth mother and acknowledge this phase in your life
– long to heal your relationship with your own mother and your female line. 

This is a Webinar in the comfort of your own home. Please book your place below, price is €15.00 plus Booking Fee. 

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Have you ever aspired to host your own Women’s Circle? Well, look no further – the Moon Mná Online Facilitator Course has all you need. Receive exclusive Goddess Rites and Ceremonies and learn how to offer these to the women in your community. This Course has many aspects and is designed to meet you wherever you are, in relation to hosting your own Women’s Circle.  We are honoured and privileged to invite you to become a Moon Mná Facilitator as part of the great global energetic shift. You too can be a beacon of Light for women.  

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