Reveal Your Inner Goddess

Reveal Your Inner Goddess (1)

3rd August 8pm-9pm (Irish time)

How often have you looked at another woman and thought “How powerful/strong/beautiful she looks?” We see this in each other easily but when it comes to ourselves so often we do not see what others readily can. What does your Inner Goddess look like? Have you ever thought about this? Do you even think of yourself as a Goddess?

Come and explore this concept on the next Full Moon and gift yourself permission to begin the empowering sacred steps to Reveal Your Inner Goddess. I will lead you through a process to coax the deep beauty of your soul expression to shine forth. Together with the guidance of the Irish Celtic Goddesses, we will tap into what lies fully or partly hidden within you that yearns to be revealed. To finish we will anchor who you truly are in a precious photograph created in sacred Ceremony. All under the illuminating light and influence of Grandmother Moon. 

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Come Join the Goddess Wheel

This sacred cycle takes us around the four Seasons with two Festivals each guided by eight Irish Goddesses whose  stories are brought alive on video. 

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