Moon Mná Annual Weekend

Friday 17th July - Sunday 19th July 2020

Join Karen on the Moon Mná annual weekend and treat yourself to this deeply nourishing immersion of the Sacred Feminine in the glory of Mother Nature, at the mountain retreat of Mucklagh Lodge, County Wicklow. We will dive deep into Ritual, Ceremony, Moon Bathing, Dancing and most of all this is an opportunity for you to experience the warmth of a like hearted Community, under the gaze of Grandmother Moon.

Last years Theme was a blend of personal Connection with the Faerie folk, the Silé na Gig Rites to awaken our full sexual power holistically and the Theme of Communication – women and men (partners, fathers, brothers) and women with women (partners, mothers, sisters, friends). Plus the creation of our Inner Goddess personal photo as a resource to take home. The 2020 Theme is being lovingly incubated over the Wintertime to be unearthed in the Spring.

Hear the call and come join us, knowing that many women attend every year joined by newcomers to sit in joyous Circle. As always we try to make this affordable for every pocket. Please note most women come solo to meet new friends as we gather in community to sit in Sacred Circle  honouring ourselves as women. 

Who is this for? Any woman who wants some valuable time out to relax, learn and commune with others held in a place of heart and soul.

What do I do next? Check your diary to see if you are free. Have a look at the accommodation options below and email Karen at [email protected] to declare your interest.

This all inclusive weekend starts from €245.00 to €300.00 depending on your choice of accommodation.

To book your place a €75.00 Deposit is required. (Paypal fee €3.00). Non refundable

Directions to Lodge can be found below.

May our Moon Mná Celtic Women’s Weekend Circle deepen our intentions to be aware, awake and active as we celebrate our wild, passionate abandon and Summer love across this sacred Earth.

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