Moon Mná Annual Retreat

Friday 8th to Tuesday 12th July 2022

Join me on our fabulous Moon Mná annual long weekend and treat yourself to this deeply nourishing immersion of the Divine Feminine in the glory of Mother Nature, at the beautiful mountain retreat of Mucklagh Lodge, County Wicklow. We will dive deep into ritual, ceremony, Moonbathing, dancing and so much more. Most of all this is an opportunity for you to experience the warmth of a like-hearted community, under the gaze of Grandmother Moon.

The Themes are a unique blend of receiving Women’s Rites of Passage, awakening our full power holistically plus the creation of a communal Soul Song video with an Inner Goddess personal photo as a resource to take home. This year’s Theme has been lovingly incubated over the Wintertime, unearthed in the Spring and revealed below to be gloriously experienced this coming Summer.

This Years Themes

Womens Moon Ritual
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The Sovereignty Rites of Ériu

These profound Rites have been dreamed in over many years under the guardian ship of the Goddess Ériu who gifted her name to the island of Ireland. You will feel powerfuly aligned with your soul destiny by receiving this precious awakening openly and consciously tapping into the sacred connection with the Land.

Sacred Site visit to the Piper Stones

We have added on an extra day to visit this lesser known and beautiful Sacred Site where we will receive the Mother Rites of Danu stepping in to this important phase of womanhood whatever our current age. The Circle of Stones here symbolise women dancing with wild abandon surrounded by Hawthorn Faerie trees.

Skyclad Swimming in the Irish Sea

As Grandmother Moon waxes to fullness, we will shed our inhibitions and our clothes to plunge into the Irish Sea together followed by a spot of Moon Bathing! We are delighted to return to Moon Mná Circle Facilitator Sannie Cudzer’s seaside home. Together we will ease you into this enlivening Ritual.

This is for you if:

you yearn to connect deeply with the Divine Feminine and the sacred land of Ireland.

you hear the call to receive ancient Rites of Passage evolved by Moon Mná for you.

you dream of precious time to relax, learn and be still in a place of heart and soul.

you wish to commune with other like-hearted women on the path of enlightenment.

your Celtic soul longs for deep immersion into the wisdom practices of womanhood.

you enjoy laughter and the sheer exubrance of connection in community and nature.

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What Can You Expect

A warm welcome to this tree hugged stone Lodge tucked away in the hills of Wicklow for sacred exploration of your Celtic soul in the company of Moon Mná from far and away. 

This whole immersive long weekend experience is held in safety so you may adventure into new and known realms with confidence and a sense of trust in the process.

On the first evening we will experience the first of many Cleansing Rituals to release ‘what no longer serves us’ so we come into the shared space ready to be, learn and experience together.

At Moon Mná we dive deep in our Themes of discovery, awakening and empowerment with a strong sense of community.

Mucklagh Lodge, high in the Wicklow hills has the most beautiful Firepit in the woods where we will release, welcome in  and dance with wild abandon under the Moonlight.

In the midst of communal sharing and experiences, we will have plenty of time for our own sacred work with both light and shadow held beautifully with grace.

We have the immense pleasure of the amazing Dorene who will lovingly cook for us with her famous recipes from years with the Happy Pear twins running their restaurant in Wicklow.

Mucklagh Lodge has been beautifully restored by Norman Lyons and his brother to accomodate spiritual retreats with a spacious Workshop area and comfortable twin and triple rooms most ensuite.


The Details

Dates: Friday 8th July to Tuesday 12th July.
Location: Mucklagh Lodge, Aghavannah, Co.Wicklow.
Times: Arrival from Friday 5.45pm and finish Tuesday at 10.00am.

Range of Payment - Your Self Investment

At Moon Mná we always endeavour to make our events affordable for every pocket.

Please note most women come solo to meet new friends as we gather in community to sit in sacred Circle  honouring ourselves as women.

Upon booking you will receive an email with access to your Booking Form to complete and return to Moon Mná.

Twin Bed Full Payment

sharing with 1 other
One Payment
  • Deposit included
  • All Faciliation
  • Twin Bed Sharing x 4 nights

Camping/Camper Full Payment

bringing your own tent/van
One Payment
  • Deposit included
  • All Facilitation
  • Camping space plus shower facilities

Non Refundable Deposit

pay balance on arrival
Balance to be Paid
  • Non Refundable
  • Balance on arrival
  • For both Room & Camping options

Welcome to our annual

Moon Mná Retreat

May our Moon Mná Celtic Women’s Retreat deepen our intentions to be aware, awake and active as we celebrate our wild, passionate love for this sacred Earth.

Fáilte! There is a very warm welcome waiting for you as we come together to experience what it is to be a women joining in sacred ceremony, experiencing the sheer joy of the Divine Feminine, under the gaze of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon in the Irish countryside.


You may have some questions about our annual long weekend Retreat and here are some of the most frequently asked answered.

We begin on Friday evening after dinner and end on Tuesday after breakfast. Each day starts at 10.00am and finishes at approximately 10.00pm with generous free time during each day.

I will email you simple preparation notes a week beforehand. Usually these are about bringing a journal and pen, outdoor and indoor clothes etec. However you will need some items for the Rites such as a stone and swim shoes for the stoney beach on Monday night.

There will be no notes given as this is an experiential workshop-like Retreat based around awakening feelings and energetic transmissions. You will be regularly encouraged to journal, recording these experiences for you to bring home, reread and ponder later on.

Breakfast is either self service laid out by Dorene from 8.30am OR served from 9.00am with her famous porridge and/or boiled eggs and toast. Lunch is usually around 1.00pm-2.00pm and Dinner from approximately 6.00pm-7.00pm.

When you arrive with your tent or campervan, I will show you the options for pitching up. I recommend the field nearest the house so you have access to the toilet and shower room in the night if you need it. There is also a field across the small country road if you prefer more privacy.

Mucklagh Lodge is accessible by car only so I encourage as many to drive as possible and if you need a lift get yourself to the nearest train station such as Bray or Greystones or a bus to Glenmalure Lodge and we will arrange collection. On the Booking Form I ask about who can offer and who needs a lift to match you all up. I reccommend offering some money for fuel to whoever offers a lift.


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