Women's Moon Rituals

Have you ever created a sacred ceremony for yourself? A Moon Mná Self Ceremony is a simple and profound way to bring sacred rituals into your home or garden under your favourite Moon phase. So many women wish to honour their deep yearnings to connect with Ancestors, spiritual guides, our amazing female bodies and the Divine Feminine in a way that is safe and supported. Moon Mná offer you videos, step by step instructions and a heart warming chant to engage soulfully for only €15.00  each month.

This is a unique opportunity for you as a modern women in today’s world to set aside precious time for yourself to commune with the ancient wisdom of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon. Knowing that you are stepping into a worldwide community of women together collectively creating and weaving the energies of the Divine Feminine in your own homes, gardens or special places of resonance.

Full Moon Rituals
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Attune to Your Inner Goddess

€15 Euros plus booking fee

Come Reveal Your Inner Goddess

The concept of an Inner Goddess has existed for many, many Moons worldwide and this is an opportunity to consciously honour your own Inner Goddess with this fascinating and powerful Self Ceremony. In the Irish Celtic shamanic tradition, we call this our Anam Leathcuplá – our Soul Twin. This is the version of us that represents our fully healed higher or authentic Self. We all have glimpses of this part of ourselves now and again, when we fully open up to our greatness and feel empowered to be who we truly are. Shining our immense light in the world being all we can be. There is much wisdom in tapping into this very important aspect of ourselves.

This also offers you the opportunity to change something very deep in today’s culture and society to pave the way for yourself and indeed future generations of younger women. Those of us who have Irish heritage and many of us womenfolk have a distinct disadvantage in that we have had to overcome centuries of being told we were ‘less than’, not being revered or indeed not ‘rating’ ourselves consequentially. Attuning to your Inner Goddess will pave the way to honour, respect and bring to the fore this vital and empowered part of our being holistically. This simple yet highly effective Self Ceremony will gift you the ability to know and embrace your Inner Goddess safely and easily.

You will receive videos, documents and a Chant to guide you step by step towards creating your own special Ceremony. So why not gift yourself the time and space now? This Self Ceremony is available now.


A video explaining the story  of the Goddess guardian or feminine aspect behind each Theme. 



Your step by step simple guidance on how to create your own Moon Mná Ceremony each month.



Written downloadable documents for use during your Self Ceremony.
Each month we offer a new theme according to the
Celtic Wheel of the year