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Faerie Folk

Faerie Folk July’s Moon is often referred to as the ‘Hay’ Moon since we can see the farmers ‘literally making hay while the sun shines’

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Celebrating the Summer Solstice

As the Celtic Wheel of the year turns I am so happy that we are approaching Summer Solstice, in Gaelic Grianstad which means literally ‘sun-stop’ is nearly with us – the longest day and the shortest night of our year.

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Annual Weekend

Annual Weekend Join me on the Moon Mná annual weekend and treat yourself to this deeply nourishing immersion of the Sacred Feminine in the glory

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Full Moon Musings

Full Moon Musings We live in extraordinary times. The last few weeks have been ‘crunchy’ for many of us sensitive to energies – those of

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Shamanic Book

This unique and exciting collection of original work includes story, prose, poetry, song lyrics and visual art.

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