Nollaig na mBan

As I began to write in my Moon Mná Diary-Journal for the first time this year, the Moon waxed to Half Phase glory. I so love the sense of balance and harmony I feel when twice a month Seanmháthair Gealach reflects her glorious Moonlight from the bright and dark skies. There is already a sense of an epic year ahead, a shift in the energy, a feeling of fruition of many years yearning. Can you feel it?

Monday 6th January, the 12th Day of Christmas heralds the lovely old Irish tradition Nollaig na mBan. In Gaelic this means Women’s Christmas or Little Christmas and was when the women of the house, after the busyness of the Festive Season took well deserved time off to celebrate together as their menfolk took on the household duties and childcare for the day. It is not an ancient custom from Pagan times but one that began in Christian times when the women were solely homemakers and housewives. Now we live in a different world where both women and men co-parent and work to contribute to the household. However as with many wonderful old ways, in recent times there has been a move to reinvent this inspired practice.

In the early 20th century and up until 30 years ago on this day, the women visited each other’s homes for the last of the Christmas treats. However, as times changed this mainly died out but lived on in a modern version particularly in Cork and Kerry in Ireland where many restaurants and pubs are full of besties, buddies and generations of family members.

Now the tradition has evolved and is celebrated by acknowledging the role and accomplishments of women in our society especially in 2018 the centenary of the Vote for Women in Ireland. So, as the Moon waxes to Fullness and a Lunar Eclipse on the 10th, have your own Epiphany as to how celebrate on Nollaig na mBan. This is the ideal time to gather with like hearted women and celebrate all aspects of the Divine Feminine.

Join a local Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circle https://mm1709.local/find-a-moon-mna-circle/ and create a Vision Board under the guidance of Irish Goddess Aisling.

Create a Moon Ritual Self Ceremony of your own to dream in your 2020 and discuss it with your women friends over lunch or a cosy fireside chat. https://mm1709.local/women-moon-rituals/

Dive in deep and sign up to host your own Moon Mná Circles, letting me hold your hand as I teach you how to receive and gift the Irish Celtic Rites of Passage for women. Imagine next year you could be hosting your very own Nollaig na mBan Gathering. https://mm1709.local/online-women-moon-circles-celtic/

So leave others to take down the Christmas tree and be all that you can be on this unique night for celebrating women.

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