Feminine Rising

Become a Moon Mná Facilitator

Do you wish to commence on an epic voyage at this time of major shifting in how we humans live on our beautiful planet Earth? Does your soul long to be part of the innovative and changing energies that are currently manifesting? Does your heart wish to honour the sacredness within yourself, other women and Mother Earth herself? Then this powerful journey to birth your own Moon Mná Circle will initiate the fulfillment of these noble aspirations.

If you aspire to begin a Women’s Circle or already host your own classes or workshops then the Moon Mná Facilitators Course is for you. Some women begin the Course for their own benefit and then choose to step into facilitation as they gain knowledge, experience and confidence. This Course has many aspects and is designed to meet you wherever you are in relation to hosting your own Moon Mná Circle.  We are honoured and privileged to invite you to become a Moon Mná Facilitator as part of the great global energetic shift. Be a beacon of Light for women. The time is now.


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Moon Mná Online Course

As a woman in our busy world, the Moon Mná online Course is designed so that you can you choose when you want to start at any time of the year and continue in your own unique rhythm. As you embark on this new journey, know that you are in a global community of women, under the watchful gaze of Grandmother Moon as she waxes and wanes through the ebbs and flows the seasons, just as she has done since time immemorial.

The Moon Mná Facilitator course revolves around 13 Lunar themes. These unique themes have collectively emerged over the years in tune with the spiral of the Seasons and Grandmother Moon, which collectively  merged with empowering and healing feminine aspects, creating the Moon Mná Lunar Themes. Each theme holds the energy of an Irish Goddesses, the archetypal energies of these Divine Feminine deities speak to us from the past resonating with our modern times fusing the ancient with the new. Offering today`s woman the opportunity to awaken the whispers of the past in the form of Rites of Passage, Blessings and Ceremonies.

You will receive

Goddess Rites

The Celtic Goddesses of Ireland gifted Karen the modern version of these ancient Rites to awaken dormant seeds within each woman who receives them.


Shamanic Journeys

The ability to lead women to enter a safe meditative state and listen deeply to their innate wisdom for specific intentions is a key part of this training.

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Rites of Passage

There are three classic stages within each woman’s life – Maiden, Mother and Crone – times of vital shifts in feminine growth, maturity and intuitive perception.


Chants and Cleanses

Each Theme has it’s own Chant -communal songs of the Soul, which are combined with specific energy field Cleanses as vital elements of each month’s material.

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Goddess Blessings

The Blessings are sacred anointments gifted by the Moon Mna Facilitators as the receiver acknowledges the blessed attributes of their Irish Celtic Goddess guardian. 


Art of Facilitation

An important part of the Course is to learn how to communicate and transmit the Divine Feminine ways clearly, succinctly with non-judgement, grace and wisdom.            

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Moon Mná Lunar Themes

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Brigid's Fire Blessing, February

Be ignited by the Sacred Flame of the Goddess Brigid as you recieve her Fire Blessings and learn to gift this to others. 

Maiden Rites of Grainne, March

Youthful exuberant Goddess Grainne invites us to experience a key Rite of Passage to be welcomed into womanhood retrospectively for our first Moontime.

The Morrigan’s Burlá Ghuí, April

The Morrigan, the Goddess of Birth, Death, Rebirth, teaches us how to honour this eternal cycle by creating a poignantly beautiful Nature ‘prayer bundle’

Sovereign Rites of Eriú, May

The Celtic Goddess of this island offers the powerful opportunity to step into our full distinctive and innate power as women accepting our full Sovereignty.

Mother Rites of Danu, June

An invitation to step into our Motherhood to embrace and nurture all we women give birth to which may be a baby, a creative project or vocational work.

Faerie Rites, July

Na Sídhe, the old Irish for ‘The Shining Ones’ weave their potent magic to arouse our playfulness and intense focus in this enchanting organic experience.

Moons of Love, August

This meditative Journey guides us to intimately connect with our breasts and ask what they need of us at our current stage of life.

Síle na Gig Rites, September

We receive the gift of arousing our full female power from the ancient Goddess Síle of the Vulva as we embrace and align our sexuality with our holistic being.

Womb Journey, October

A Journey to the magnificent and powerful energetic cauldron that is or was your Womb for understanding, wisdom and health in a safe and nurturing environment.

Crone Rites of the Cailleach, November

Under the guardianship of the wise Crone we ritualistically step into and embrace the wisdom of our future or current elder years smoothing the way for us, no matter our current age.

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Boann Crafting and Storytelling, December

The Irish Celtic Goddess of the River Boyne offers her gifts of flow and expansion as we (re)discover the soothing rhythms of creativity and celebrate Winter hibernation time.

Goddess Aisling`s Visioning

Ethereal Faerie Goddess Aisling inspires us to create a Vision for the year ahead to be all we can be as we dream in our exquisite destiny.

How the Course Works

You will receive 13 Moon Mná Lunar Themes, one per month over 13 months. When you first join you will receive the Moon Mná Foundation Theme, around which all the other 12 Themes orbit. On the first of each month you will receive the Moon Mná Lunar Theme relating to the seasonal Celtic Festivals and most importantly the Goddess who is the guardian for that Rite, Blessing or Sacred Ceremony.

The material has been created to embrace all types of learning styles and so we include a mix of teaching methods – video, audio, written, interactive conference calls and the ultimate experiential and reflective practice of hosting your own Moon Mná Circle. The multimedia material will gift you a solid foundation so you will be empowered and equipped to hold strong and safe Moon Mná Circles, with the key unique aspect of passing on the Rites and Blessings.  

How the Course works

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Foundation Theme

This first Module is the Course Foundation around which all the other 12 Themes orbit. This has much valuable material which you will return to again and again as you become familiar with the various Rituals and Ceremony. It is designed to give you a strong and solid basis with each month flowing into the really beautiful deep work of the Divine Feminine.  

Course Content


The informational videos are created to be concise so you may view each technique quickly and retain their information easily. They are designed to explain as well as demonstrate the Course material bringing to life each Lunar Theme and its matching techniques.

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Conference Calls

Throughout the Course I will host  regular quarterly ‘live’ online sessions for you to meet together with your international tribe and ‘sit’ in virtual Circle. During these sessions we will discuss the Art of Facilitation modules.


The written materials take you step by step through each theme and are an important guide for the Course. The Foundation Module has a number of important documents that will be the bedrock of hosting your own Moon Mná Circles.You will return to these time and time again throughout the Course.


In this important feature, I am there for you daily on our Facebook postings, monthly on our Reflective Feedback ‘conversations’ and quarterly for the Conference Calls to hold your hand and guide you over the 13 months.


The Chants are an exclusive and important way to set the scene, raise energy and invoke the core essence of each theme. If you are not a natural singer, you can play them on your phone to teach the women. They are easy to learn and bring joy and lightness into your Moon Mna Circles.

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Course Group

You will be invited to join the burgeoning Tribe of Moon Mná graduates and fellow trainees on our private Facebook page for sharing, interaction and teachings. Many firm friendships are formed over the year this way. 


Be part of the rising

Course Requirements

Most women who begin the Course aim to become certified as Moon Mná Facilitators, although this is optional. The Certification is provided by the Sli an Chroi School of Shamanism who are ratified by the Society of Shamanic Practice and the Complementary Therapists Association. To receive your Certificate at the end of the Course, there are a few requirements; making precious time to commune with Seanmhathair Gealach and the Lunar Theme material, hosting your own Moon Mna Circle (which may be a small training Circle) and completing the short Reflective Feedback.  There is no immediate requirement to do this each month. It is advised to go at your own pace and speed and step into the work when you are fully ready. As mentioned some women begin the journey to certification at varying stages. 


Time Requirement

The Course material is designed so that you can watch and listen for an hour the week before you plan to hold your Circle at your favourite Moon phase.  This means that you have plenty of time to gather the items you need for that particular Theme. You may return to the Course material again while in preparation.

Hosting your Circle

To begin you need to gather a small training Circle of at least two women to gift the Rites  and lead in the various Theme techniques. You may decide to start a full Circle straight away especially if you are already working with groups i.e. teach Yoga, Meditation etc.

Facilitator of Womens Moon Circles Ireland

Reflective Feedback

This is a simple form with questions based on the Theme material to complete after you have held your Moon Mná Circle. This is a fantastic way to engage with me as I give feedback and answers your queries each time. Many women really enjoy and appreciate this way of communicating as they progress through the Course.


Begin your Journey

Payment will be in 13 monthly instalments of €90.00 to be paid by the 25th each month. Payment is made via credit card with automatic renewal every month from your 1st instalment and you will receive the Moon Mná Lunar Theme, on the 1st of every month.

90 euros/month


 As women and those who identify as women, we ask that you answer 13 very special reflective questions first. We know you will enjoy this insightful and intuitive process. This Course is not for everyone and we will gently guide you as to the timing and suitability.


Today across Mother Earth there are women whose foremothers walked these shores and held deep in their hearts the seeds of the Divine Feminine. Is this the time for you to awaken and nurture this precious gift within?

Honouring Sacred Sites

Seasonally Moon Mná Facilitators join me to offer the Rites and Blessing on Sacred Sites where the Irish Celtic Goddesses are guardians. These are very special Gatherings where Course members, graduates, regular Moon Mná and women new to this work unite in a place of major alignment. 



Many women hold a fervent wish to gather in community under the glorious phases of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon to listen, learn, ponder, laugh and share.

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Gain a perspective on the wealth of experiences available to Moon Mná Course trainees and graduates as they participate in Moon Mná Ceremonies on Sacred Sites throughout Ireland.