The Moon Mná Podcast Series

Fáílte Welcome to our Podcast Page

It is an honour and pleasure to create these fascinating Podcasts for you to listen to. So many of you shared the themes and topics that are dear to your hearts and so the episodes from each series reflect these. I invite you to make a nice cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Ancient Irish Wisdom for Modern Women Podcast Series

These Podcasts were created and curated to bring joy, solace and comfort to your busy life. A huge resource for me over the years has been the ancient wisdom literally seeping up out of this sacred land speaking to my Celtic soul and its relevance to our lives today. Themes range from Sovereignty with Ériu to Goddess Brigid and Bird Divination to the Power of Stones. There is also so much more available on our Moon Mná Youtube channel

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Sacred Conversations for Women with Celtic Soul Podcast Series

Every month for a whole year, I was privileged to be  in conversation with one of the amazing Moon Mná Circle Facilitators from all over Ireland, the Celtic Isles and worldwide. Now I invite you to create some quiet time to listen to all they have to share about hearing the call to be of service to the Divine Feminine, how the 8 Celtic festivals influence their lives and how their experiences offer you a glorious opportunity to explore these beautiful themes and topics. 


Moon Musings

Learn how to bring the powerful archetypal energies of the Moon into your precious life.