Shamanic Book

Art by Barbara O'Meara

My new co-produced book ‘Soul Seers’ with Moon Mná Shamanic Artist Barbara O’Meara is a creative celebration from and for those who seek to walk the path of modern Irish Celtic Shamanism. This unique and exciting collection of original work includes story, prose, poetry, song lyrics and visual art. So many of you Moon Mná have enquired about training with me and my husband at Slí An Chroí to gently dip your toe into seeking a different way to connect spiritually. This delightful book offers you 13 creative expressions of those walking the Irish Celtic Shamanic path. Contributing artists include Irish singer and Moon Mná Mary Coughlan, Dr Ger Moane, retired senior Psychologist UCD, and Moon Mná Facilitators Cat Dubh and Joni Ui Ceallaigh amongst many others.

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