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Southern Hemisphere Themes

Offering the exquisite Rites of Passage of women to your community both local and online.

This amazing online Women’s Course teaches you how to facilitate your own Moon Circles, with exclusive Celtic Rites of Passage, Blessings and Divine Feminine Ceremonies. The  Course revolves around the unique Moon Mná Lunar Themes which have organically emerged attuned to the Irish Goddesses, Grandmother Moon and the Celtic Wheel of the year for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Each Theme holds the archetypal energies of Irish Celtic and pre-Celtic Divine Feminine deities. They speak to us from the past resonating with our modern times by fusing the ancient with the new. As a woman of today you have the opportunity to awaken the whispers of the past to host women in your community in sacred ceremony together.

Does your Celtic soul yearn for this epic voyage? This is the time  – you are ready now?

You may join the Moon Mná Circle Facilitator Course anytime of the year  cycling with the Celtic Wheel of the year and our Lunar Themes. On the first month you will receive the Foundation module, then the following month you will begin the Themes which relate to the Divine Feminine. For example if you begin in August you will receive the Foundation Theme, then in September you will receive The Maiden Rites of Gráinne. You can read more on the main ‘Moon Mná Women’s Circle Facilitators’ page and below you’ll see the layout of the themes for the Southern Hemisphere.

Southern Hemisphere Themes

For the Northern Hemisphere, the themes are the same but in a different order to align with the seasons. You can find the sequence of themes here.

Goddess Aisling

Goddess Aisling's Visioning, January

Ethereal Faerie Goddess Aisling inspires you to create a very special Vision Board for the year ahead, to be all you can be, as you dream in your exquisite destiny.

Moon of Love

Moons of Love, February

This beautiful meditative Shamanic Journey guides you to intimately connect with your breasts – Moons of Love and ask what they need of you at your current stage of life. An epic voyage of discovery.

Síle na Gig

Síle na Gig Rites, March

You will receive the gift of arousing your full female power from the ancient Goddess Síle of the Vulva as you embrace and align your sexuality with your holistic being.

Womb Journey

Womb Journey, April

A Journey to the magnificent and powerful energetic cauldron that is or was your Womb for understanding, wisdom and health in a safe and nurturing environment.

Crone Rites

Crone Rites of the Cailleach, May

Under the guardianship of the wise Crone you will ritualistically step into and embrace the wisdom of your future or current elder years smoothing the way, no matter your current age.

Goddess Boann

Boann Crafting and Storytelling, June

The Irish Celtic Goddess of the River Boyne offers her gifts of flow and expansion as you (re)discover the soothing rhythms of creativity and celebrate Winter hibernation time.

Faerie Rites

Faerie Rites, July

Na Sídhe, the old Irish for ‘The Shining Ones’ weave their potent magic to arouse your playfulness and intense focus in this enchanting organic experience.

Goddess Brigid

Brigid's Fire Blessing, August

The Sacred Flame of Goddess Brigid, bringer of Springtime, will ignite a passion within as you receive her powerful Fire Blessing and learn to gift this to others. 

Goddess Grainne

Maiden Rites of Grainne, September

Youthful exuberant Goddess Grainne invites you to experience a key Rite of Passage to be welcomed retrospectively into womanhood for your first Moontime.

The Morrigan

The Morrigan’s Burlá Ghuí, October

The Morrigan, the Goddess of Birth, Death, Rebirth, teaches you how to honour this powerful eternal cycle by creating a poignantly beautiful Nature Burla Ghuí ‘prayer bundle’.

Reveal Your Inner Goddess

Reveal Your Inner Goddess, November

This is an opportunity to unveil the true essence of who you really are and glimpse the magnificent Goddess nature that lies within waiting to be revealed and honoured in all her glory.

Mother Rites Danu

Mother Rites of Danu, December

This is an invitation to step into your motherhood to embrace and nurture all we women give birth to which may be a baby, a creative project or vocational work.

Moon mná Circle Facilitators Training

Find out more about joining the training

Become a Moon Mná Circle Facilitator 

In this the time of COVID-19, we are offering a reduced rate of €83 per month.

As women, and those who identify as women, when you join the course we ask that you answer 13 very special insightful questions first. You will receive this via email upon registration. We know you will enjoy this reflective and intuitive process. This Course is not for everyone and we are happy to gently guide you as to the timing and suitability. Most women who begin the Course aim to become certified as Moon Mná Facilitators. However this is optional and some women make this choice at varying stages during the 13 months. 

Payment will be in 13 monthly instalments of €83.00 to be paid by the 21st each month. Payment is made via credit card with automatic renewal every month from your 1st instalment.

We are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from Moon Mná Circle Facilitators Course to End Period Poverty.

Northern Hemisphere

13 Installments
for 13 months

Southern Hemisphere

13 Installments
for 13 months


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