Moon Meditations

During her Lunar journey, Grandmother Moon will go through 8 distinct phases: Dark New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter Half Moon, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter Half Moon and Waning Crescent.

These soothing Meditations gift you the opportunity to connect with each of these unique times of the month as you come to know how the Moon’s cycle affects, not simply your Moontime, but your moods and ways of being intimately.

Good Night

 The Dark phase of the Moon is also called the New Moon when she is hidden from view for 3 days. This Meditation invites you to connect with her energy of deep quiet potency as you come to stillness and dream anew while self-nurturing.


As the Waxing Moon grows into a sliver of a Crescent, she reflects a time of fresh, new beginnings, full of expectant promise. This Meditation invites you to tap into and harness this vital energy to bring forth new projects and conceive exciting ideas.


Grandmother Moon enters her 1st Quarter Half phase when she is Waxing – growing larger. This Meditation invites you to experience this welcome time of balance in your month when your energies may poise in harmony between activity and rest.


The Full Moon, occuring a day or two earlier each month is when the opportunity arises to  express yourself fully. This Meditation invites you to burgeon and be visible in the world connecting with others with your energy extended outwards.


When Grandmother Moon enters her Last Quarter Half phase she is Waning – getting smaller as she seeks to come to stillness. This Meditation offers you the chance to consciously be in balance and harmony as you unite your body, mind and Celtic soul in tranquility.


When the Last Quarter Half Moon wanes to a Crescent there is a sense of retreat to a quieter time of reflection within. This Meditation beckons you to a place of …



Moon Musings

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