Further Details about the Drum Cleanse

If you are using a Drum explain that this time everyone will stand in a wide Circle leaving enough space between each person. You (and/or another woman helper who also has a Drum) will drum over them front and back once they close their eyes and focus on what they want to let go. Explain that when you say the word ‘Now’ softly this is to let them know to turn around so you can cleanse their back if there is no room for you to walk between/behind each woman. If you have many in your Circle then you can set an intention to clear by only drumming the front of their body. You can also do this if Cleansing online too.

Afterwards clear the Drum by waving it over a candle/ source of Light or blowing with your breath towards the Sky consciously asking it to take whatever the women have let go (Note: you will have set an intention that the Drum can take everyone’s negativity/heaviness/issues safely until the end when you clear all in one go). If you are using another Cleanse item then please follow the guidelines in your Foundation Theme Template.