Self Ceremony Preparation

Your Self Ceremony is a terrific opportunity for you as a modern woman in today’s world to set aside precious time to commune with the ancient wisdom of Seanmháthair Gealach, (Shan-wha-her Gee-al-yack) Grandmother Moon, turner of tides and Star of us womenfolk.

You will be invited to create Sacred Space both literally and energetically, then perform a simple Self Cleanse to prepare. Watching the Story video draws you in deeper to closer connection ready to begin your Self Ceremony accompanied by the corresponding audio Chant. Then afterwards, take quiet time to journal about your experiences especially any insights that have been revealed before closing Sacred Space to conclude.

Below there are documents, audio and video included in your Self Ceremony Theme instructions which are used in conjunction with each other. Please engage with them before you commence, as there will be certain items and preparations that will be required to enhance your transpersonal experience.  We recommend you print off the Self Ceremony Guidelines below.

Your Self Ceremony includes:

  • Reading your Preparation and  Theme Self Ceremony Steps documents.
  • Gathering your Moon Kit Bag items.
  • Creating your Self Ceremony Centrepiece.
  • Opening Sacred Space.
  • Gifting yourself a Cleanse.
  • Connecting with the Theme’s Goddess.
  • Performing your Self Ceremony.
  • Journaling time
  • Closing Sacred Space.