Moon Mná Women's Circle

Facilitators Training

Offering the exquisite Rites of Passage of women to your community both local and online.

This amazing online Women’s Course teaches you how to facilitate your own Moon Circles, with exclusive Celtic Rites of Passage, Blessings and Divine Feminine Ceremonies. The  Course revolves around the unique Moon Mná Lunar Themes which have organically emerged attuned to the Irish Goddesses, Grandmother Moon and the Celtic Wheel of the year for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Each Theme holds the archetypal energies of Irish Celtic and pre-Celtic Divine Feminine deities. They speak to us from the past resonating with our modern times by fusing the ancient with the new. As a woman of today you have the opportunity to awaken the whispers of the past to host women in your community in sacred ceremony together.

Does your Celtic soul yearn for this epic voyage? This is the time  – you are ready now!

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Moon Mná Circle Facilitators Training is for Women Who:

desire to learn about Moon Circles, with exclusive Celtic Rites of Passage, Blessings and Divine Feminine Ceremonies

wish to play a part at this time of major shifting in how we humans live on our beautiful planet Earth

your soul long to be part of the innovative and changing energies that are currently manifesting

your heart wish to honour the sacredness within yourself, other women and Mother Earth herself

aspire to begin a Women's Circle or expand their own classes or workshops through facilitating Moon Mná Women's Circles.

wish to experience and learn rites / ceremonies for their own benefit and then may choose to step into facilitation as they gain knowledge, experience and confidence.

13 Lunar Themes

As a woman in our busy world, you decide when you wish to start the Course and we will simply slot you into the revolving Celtic Wheel of the year.  You will receive 13 Moon Mná Lunar Themes over a 13 month period.

When you join, the first module is the Foundation Theme, around which all the other 12 Themes orbit. This is designed to give you a strong and solid basis on which to build your confident hosting and presentation skills to hold your first Moon Mná Circle. With each month that follows you will receive the next Lunar Theme relating to the specific Goddess or Divine Feminine aspect correlating to the Celtic Wheel of the year. You progress at your own unique rhythm each month with me as your guide along the way.

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Divine Feminine Themes

You will experience and learn to share with others each of these aspects. This training supports you in empowering more of your divine feminine energy so you can be a guide others.


Goddess Rites

These unique energy transmissions of the Irish Celtic Goddesses awaken dormant seeds within each woman who receives them.


Rites of Passage

The exclusive Moon Mná Maiden, Mother and Crone Rites are vital shifts in feminine growth, maturity and intuitive perception.


Goddess Blessing

With these sacred invocations you will ignite the powerful energetic attributes of feminine deities within which you pass on to other women.


Shamanic Journeying

You will be guided to experience and lead those in your Circles to energetically travel to our inner feminine sanctums to gain higher perspectives as a woman.


Transpersonal Healing

Each Theme gifts you an opportunity to awaken within the birthright of your sovereignty that yearns to be released. 


Art of Facilitation

You will learn how to communicate, transmit and facilitate the Moon Mná Lunar Themes in safe and empowering Sacred Ceremony. 

Northern Hemisphere Themes

For the Southern Hemisphere, the themes are the same but in a different order to align with the seasons. You can find the sequence of themes here.

Goddess Aisling

Goddess Aisling's Visioning, January

Ethereal Faerie Goddess Aisling inspires you to create a very special Vision Board for the year ahead, to be all you can be, as you dream in your exquisite destiny.

Goddess Brigid

Brigid's Fire Blessing, February

The Sacred Flame of Goddess Brigid, bringer of Springtime, will ignite a passion within as you receive her powerful Fire Blessing and learn to gift this to others. 

Goddess Grainne

Maiden Rites of Grainne, March

Youthful exuberant Goddess Grainne invites you to experience a key Rite of Passage to be welcomed retrospectively into womanhood for your first Moontime.

The Morrigan

The Morrigan’s Burlá Ghuí, April

The Morrigan, the Goddess of Birth, Death, Rebirth, teaches you how to honour this powerful eternal cycle by creating a poignantly beautiful Nature Burla Ghuí ‘prayer bundle’.

Moon of Love

Moons of Love, May

This beautiful meditative Shamanic Journey guides you to intimately connect with your breasts – Moons of Love and ask what they need of you at your current stage of life. An epic voyage of discovery.

Mother Rites Danu

Mother Rites of Danu, June

This is an invitation to step into your motherhood to embrace and nurture all we women give birth to which may be a baby, a creative project or vocational work.

Faerie Rites

Faerie Rites, July

Na Sídhe, the old Irish for ‘The Shining Ones’ weave their potent magic to arouse your playfulness and intense focus in this enchanting organic experience.

Reveal Your Inner Goddess

Reveal Your Inner Goddess, August

This is an opportunity to unveil the true essence of who you really are and glimpse the magnificent Goddess nature that lies within waiting to be revealed and honoured in all her glory.

Síle na Gig

Síle na Gig Rites, September

You will receive the gift of arousing your full female power from the ancient Goddess Síle of the Vulva as you embrace and align your sexuality with your holistic being.

Womb Journey

Womb Journey, October

A Journey to the magnificent and powerful energetic cauldron that is or was your Womb for understanding, wisdom and health in a safe and nurturing environment.

Crone Rites

Crone Rites of the Cailleach, November

Under the guardianship of the wise Crone you will ritualistically step into and embrace the wisdom of your future or current elder years smoothing the way, no matter your current age.

Goddess Boann

Boann Crafting and Storytelling, December

The Irish Celtic Goddess of the River Boyne offers her gifts of flow and expansion as you (re)discover the soothing rhythms of creativity and celebrate Winter hibernation time.

Deepen Your Celtic Soul

This amazing online Women’s Course teaches you how to facilitate your own Moon Circles, with exclusive Celtic Rites of Passage, Blessings and Divine Feminine Ceremonies. As a woman of today you have the opportunity to awaken the whispers of the past to host women in your community in sacred ceremony together through 1-1 gatherings and retreats.

Does your Celtic soul yearn for this epic voyage? This is the time  – you are ready now!

Moon mná Facilitators Training

Southern Hemisphere Themes

Moon Mná Facilitator Training

All You Will Receive

This Course has many aspects and is designed to meet you wherever you are in relation to hosting your own Women’s Circle.  We are honoured and privileged to invite you to become a Moon Mná Facilitator as part of the great global energetic shift. You too can become a beacon of Light for women. 

The Course embraces all types of learning – visual, audio and written – with a variety of multi media material plus the experiential and reflective practice of hosting your own Moon Mná Circle. This combination will gift you a solid foundation so you will be empowered and equipped to hold safe and powerful Moon Mná Circles.


13 Live Art of Facilitation Calls

These are a vital way to interact with Karen and network with the other Course members during live online sessions about the invaluable Art of Facilitation.

Sacred Rites & Ceremonies for each Theme

The unique aspect of Moon Mná women's circle training is offering the Goddess Rites and Divine Feminine Ceremonies to other women.

Videos for each Theme

The video material is concise and informative bringing the Course content alive, as well as demonstrating the ceremonial aspects of each diverse Theme

Chant / Audio for each Theme

Each Theme has a specific Chant to be sung in unison during the varied Ceremonies which creates a soulful atmosphere.

Documents for each Theme

The written materials taking you step by step through each Theme providing simple yet solid structural guidance.

Reflective Feedback

The Reflective Feedback is a fantastic way to engage with Karen privately each month as she comments and answers your queries each time you hold your Moon Mná Circle. Many women really enjoy and appreciate this way of communicating as they progress through the Course.


I am here to offer you support, advice and guidance through the Course material and by email to develop your skills as a confident and safe facilitator.

Access to Online Community

We have an exclusive Facebook group for Course members to share and connect while receiving regular updates as well as seasonal global initiatives.

3 Years Access

When you join you get the foundation theme initially. After this, each month you will get access to the monthly theme & all its training content. You will have access to the material for 3 years so you can continue to integrate the teachings.


The Certification is provided by the Slí An Chroí School of Shamanism who are ratified by the Complementary Therapists Association and the Society of Shamanic Practice. To receive your Certificate you are required to host your own Moon Mná Circle/s and complete the short Reflective Feedback after each of the 13 Course Themes. There is no immediate requirement to do this each month and it is advised to go at your own pace and speed. You may step into the work at any time when you feel you are fully ready.

Become a Moon Mná Circle Facilitator 

In this the time of COVID-19, we are offering a reduced rate of €83 per month.

As women, and those who identify as women, when you join the course we ask that you answer 13 very special insightful questions first. You will receive this via email upon registration. We know you will enjoy this reflective and intuitive process. This Course is not for everyone and we are happy to gently guide you as to the timing and suitability. Most women who begin the Course aim to become certified as Moon Mná Facilitators. However this is optional and some women make this choice at varying stages during the 13 months. 

Payment will be in 13 monthly instalments of €83.00 to be paid by the 21st each month. Payment is made via credit card with automatic renewal every month from your 1st instalment.

We are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from Moon Mná Circle Facilitators Course to End Period Poverty.

Northern Hemisphere

13 Instalments
for 13 months

Southern Hemisphere

13 Instalments
for 13 months

Expand Upon Your Themes

After completing the Foundation Course of the Moon Mná Facilitators Training. (You can be a current trainee or a past / current facilitator of the Moon Mná Themes). You are able to learn additional themes e.g. Keening Circle, Skyclad Swimming and share them with your circles.

You can join the course anytime.

Upon receiving your answers to your reflective questions, your account will be activated. You will receive the Foundational Theme and then each month the next Lunar Theme relating to the specific Goddess / Divine Feminine aspect correlating to the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

You will also have the  opportunity to join the Moon Mná Community Group on facebook.

You will have

13 live calls with Karen


Each class will be recorded and posted in the Moon Mná Facilitators Course portal for you to delve into and integrate at your own pace. All the course material will be made available each month for you to use for your personal healing & also to assist you in facilitiating your own Moon Mná Circles.

Course materials are accessed via an online private learning platform. You will receive all the details when you join.

You do not need anything other than a computer or tablet to participate.

We will be using Zoom for the live sessions which is a free, web based video platform. You will click on the link I send you for each class and it will open on your device. The Live Call will be recorded and posted in the course portal within 48 hours.

You sign up for the payment plan when you sign up for the course. You will be charged the first payment when you sign up (payment one), and then your subsequent payments will be automatically debited every month after that for the remainder of your payment plan.
You will go through the multimedia material in approximately one hour.
Then preparation and integration for each new Theme is both energetic and physical. It will take 2-3 hours to hold your Moon Mná Circle on the evening of whichever Moon phase resonate with you.

Yes, we have created the course so the Southern Hemisphere will receive the themes that correspond to the season you are in. E.g. A Northern Hemisphere student will receive The Morrigan Theme in April, whilst a Southern Hemisphere student will receive Womb Journey in April.

If you facilitate groups already eg: teach Yoga/ Meditation you may decide to start a public training Circle straight away or you may need time to develop your facilitation skills with a private training Circle. Either way we will support you.

You will have access to the material for 3 years.

For the most effective experience, it’s always good to join the calls Live and complete the course material during the duration of the course.

Yet, I know that doesn’t always happen so remember, you will have access to Live Calls & all course content after the recording to go at your own pace. 3 years allows amble time to practice, refine and go deeper into facilitating Moon Mná Women’s Circles.

The details of the Live Gatherings will be announced each month via email.

All of the gatherings will be recorded and posted in the course platform so if you miss a class, you can catch up when you have time and space to do so.

You will have an opportunity to sit in community with your fellow students during the live calls. You will also be invited to join the facebook Moon Mná Facilitators Group also.

There are no refunds and payment plans may not be canceled once they have been initiated. We take enormous care to provide a deep sense for the material on the website, as well as extensively listing what we are going to be covering, talking about, and teaching in this course. Please read all of the information thoroughly, email us with questions, and deeply consider your needs before signing up.


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