Self Ceremony

Yearning to hold your own solo Moon Ceremonies? Then spiral a little deeper by signing up for our exclusive Self Ceremonies which align with the Moon Mná Lunar Themes. This is a unique opportunity for you as a modern women in today’s world to set aside precious time for yourself to commune with the ancient wisdom of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon. Begin now knowing that you are stepping into a worldwide community of women together collectively creating and weaving the energies of the Divine Feminine in your own homes, gardens or special places of resonance.

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Once you hear the call, you are consciously choosing to celebrate the exceptional aspects of being a woman through Self Ceremony. Each month offers a new sacred practice inviting you to either attune to the energy of the Irish Goddesses, embark on a Journey to the inner sanctum of your femininity or ignite the creative spark that lies within you. 

Commune with the ancient wisdom of Grandmother Moon and connect with your inner cauldron of wisdom


Beginning shortly

We are delighted to invite you to consider joining us in 2019 to create your own Self Ceremony each month by using the easy to follow instructions we will supply on the first of the month. This way you may choose to hold your Self Ceremony on whatever phase of the Moon resonates most with you. 

Moon Mná


There is so much to explore from heart-warming women’s stories, our connection to the Moon and her many phases, daily quotes, affirmations, Irish proverbs and self care tips to the mindful exercise of colouring in.

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