Southern Hemisphere Themes

You can join the Moon Mná Facilitator course anytime of the year  cycling with Celtic Wheel of the year and the Moon Mná Lunar themes. On the first month you will receive the Foundation theme, the following month is when you will begin the themes that relate to the Divine Feminine. For example if you begin in August you will receive the Foundation theme, for September you will receive The Maiden Rites of Gráinne.

The list of Moon Mná Lunar themes begins with the Brigid, as this Goddess was the inspiration that brought forth the creation of Moon Mná.

Foundation Theme

This first Module is the Course Foundation around which all the other 12 Themes orbit. This has much valuable material which you will return to again and again as you become familiar with the various Rituals and Ceremony. It is designed to give you a strong and solid basis with each month flowing into the really beautiful deep work of the Divine Feminine. 

Brigid's Fire Blessing, August

Be ignited by the Sacred Flame of the Goddess Brigid as you recieve her Fire Blessings and learn to gift this to others. 

Maiden Rites of Grainne, September

Youthful exuberant Goddess Grainne invites us to experience a key Rite of Passage to be welcomed into womanhood retrospectively for our first Moontime.

The Morrigan’s Burlá Ghuí, October

The Morrigan, the Goddess of Birth, Death, Rebirth, teaches us how to honour this eternal cycle by creating a poignantly beautiful Nature ‘prayer bundle’

Sovereign Rites of Eriú, November

The Celtic Goddess of this island offers the powerful opportunity to step into our full distinctive and innate power as women accepting our full Sovereignty.

Mother Rites of Danu, December

An invitation to step into our Motherhood to embrace and nurture all we women give birth to which may be a baby, a creative project or vocational work.

Faerie Rites, January

Na Sídhe, the old Irish for ‘The Shining Ones’ weave their potent magic to arouse our playfulness and intense focus in this enchanting organic experience.

Moons of Love, February

This meditative Journey guides us to intimately connect with our breasts and ask what they need of us at our current stage of life.

Síle na Gig Rites, March

We receive the gift of arousing our full female power from the ancient Goddess Síle of the Vulva as we embrace and align our sexuality with our holistic being.

Womb Journey, April

A Journey to the magnificent and powerful energetic cauldron that is or was your Womb for understanding, wisdom and health in a safe and nurturing environment.

Crone Rites of the Cailleach, May

Under the guardianship of the wise Crone we ritualistically step into and embrace the wisdom of our future or current elder years smoothing the way for us, no matter our current age.

Facilitator of Womens Moon Circles Ireland

Boann Crafting and Storytelling, June

The Irish Celtic Goddess of the River Boyne offers her gifts of flow and expansion as we (re)discover the soothing rhythms of creativity and celebrate Winter hibernation time.

Goddess Aisling`s Visioning, July

Ethereal Faerie Goddess Aisling inspires us to create a Vision for the year ahead to be all we can be as we dream in our exquisite destiny.

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