The objective of this module of the Course material is to prepare you to host the Moon Mná Theme: Journey to the Energetic Cauldron of your Womb. This offers you a variety of ways to learn about the precious vessel of your womanhood and gives you examples of the core Moon Mná aspects of holding a Circle in relation to this Theme. You will be led on a sacred Journey to meet your Energetic Womb and come to know and understand her intimately. There are videos, audio files and documents with information to empower you to gift the women in your Circle a truly profound experience. The videos from this Theme come to you from the ‘Womb-like’ Cairn of Fuar Cnoic (also known as Fourknocks and pronounced Foo-er Con-ick), North County Dublin, Ireland. This large Stone Mound faces the direction of Newgrange and in ancient times aligned with the Star Deneb from the Cygnus Constellation. Enjoy this sacred Theme and all that connection with your energetic Womb offers you.