Moon Mná in the Media

Karen Ward and Moon Mná have had the pleasure of being interviewed on TV programmes, written many articles shared nationwide and have brought our celtic woman’s circles to community events. A selection of them are shared below for you to enjoy and experience how Women Circles offers much to the Arts, communities and public life.

TV Interviews

Finnish musician Sami Yaffa invited us to bring alive the myths and legends of the Sacred Site of the Hill of Uisneach as part of his series ‘Sami Yaffa: Sound Tracker’ in 2019. His series discovers the power of music and indigenous communities world wide.

We share the mysteries of the Sacred Site of the Hill of Tara with UK cricketer and car lover Freddie Flintoff and his partner in travels Rob, as part of his BBC ‘Freddie Fries Again’ series in 2018. Join us from 7.20 minutes in ’til 14.23 minutes.

Uisneach Bealtaine Festival

The Moon Mná Circle Facilitators were invited to symbolise Ériu’s Summer Maidens at the Hill of Uisneach’s Bealtaine Fire Festival,  2023 .

We were invited to represent key deities at the Hill of Uisneach’s Bealtaine Fire Festival,  2018  as God Lugh and Goddess Ériu. The Moon Mná are wearing white and the Fir Le Cheile in black and red. 

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 At the Bealtaine Fire Festival 2017, as Lugh and  one of the 13 Goddesses, we greeted President Michael D Higgins who lit the Fire that year. The Moon Mná are in white and Fir Le Cheile in black and red.

Winter Solstice Newgrange

The City of Dublin Winter Soltstice Celebration

On the Radio

Dr Karen Ward’s Radio Interview on Gerry Kelly’s Late Lunch Programme on LMFM Radio on 1st February 2021.

In the Paper


Shamanic and Social Activist Artist Barbara O’Meara’s rendition of Karen and Dolores Whelan as part of Herstory’s 2021 ‘Brigids of Our Time’ projected onto Kildare Cathedral at Imbolg for their co-rediscovering of the Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage.

The image projected onto Kildare Cathedral.


The Spirit of Folk Festival, Dunderry Park, Meath

At Autumn Equinox, we were honoured to host the Faerie Gathering including the Faerie Rites at the Spirit of Folk Festival, Co. Meath. (This  festival has now morphed into the wonderful SOFFT Nights). Karen’s Moon Mná Facilitators offer the Faerie Rites every Summer

RTÉ Brainstorm Articles

‘How the Irish Celts invented Halloween’ by Dr. Karen Ward.

Marking the Winter Solstice’s shortest day and longest night by Dr. Karen Ward

‘How the Celtic festival of Imbolg marks the first day of spring’ by Dr. Karen Ward.

‘Today’s Spring Equinox: more light, less darkness’ by Dr. Karen Ward.

‘How Bealtaine marks the start of summer in Ireland’ by Dr. Karen Ward.

‘Summer Solstice: the longest day and shortest night of the year’ by Dr. Karen Ward

‘The joys of Lúnasa’ by Dr. Karen Ward.

‘Autumn Equinox: a time of equal night and day’ by Dr. Karen Ward.


Moon Musings

Learn how to bring the powerful archetypal energies of the Moon into your precious life.