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Goddess Spiral Of the Year

Do you wish to learn about the Celtic Festivals, the Irish Goddesses and their relevance to your life today. During each part of this beautiful Course, you will be gifted all you need to create your own ceremony at home to connect with each Goddess in your own way and embody their gifts into your being. There are also 8 Live Online Zoom Gatherings where you will be guided on the significance of their archetypal energies at each seasonal celebration along with community ritual. This is a beautiful way to deepen your connection to the Lineage of your fore-mothers.

Moon Ritual Self Ceremonie

This is a precious opportunity to consciously honour the call of your Celtic soul’s journey by joining this exciting worldwide tribe of women seeking community and wisdom. Over a year, together we will explore 13 Moon Mná themes under the guidance and guardianship of the Goddesses of Ireland.

You may commence whenever you wish and each month receive the invitation to join me with your soul sisters for a live Lunar Gathering, daily sharings on our own private Facebook page (optional) and fascinating and powerful self paced Moon Rituals. I will guide you to create space in your life to commune with the ancient wisdom of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon to help enhance your truly epic life in a myriad of wonderous ways.
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Menopause Course

A Moon Mná circle for pre, peri to post-menopausal women to explore the journey of menopause through body, mind & soul.
I have heard your persistant call for a course on how to ease into Peri-Menopause and ride the ‘Dragon’ of the full Menopause.
Now I am ready having lived through both and am currently basking in the less talked about Post Menopausal energetic delights to come!
This empowering special Circle will gift you holistic and shamanic energetic ways to overcome the myriad of expressions of this Rite of Passage. I will explain tried and tested ways to nourish your body and alleviate symptoms experienced by women the world over. 

Moon mná Circle Facilitators Training

This amazing online Women’s Course teaches you how to facilitate your own Moon Circles, with exclusive Celtic Rites of Passage, Blessings and Divine Feminine Ceremonies.

The  Course revolves around the unique Moon Mná Lunar Themes which have organically emerged attuned to the Irish Goddesses, Grandmother Moon and the Celtic Wheel of the year for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

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Why Now? Why You?

Have you ever yearned to connect with other women and sit in a safe and confidential Circle to explore the many themes relevant to being a woman in our modern world? Hear the call to join me to commune with the ancient wisdom of Grandmother Moon including the precious gift of receiving the Celtic Rites of Passage along with many other traditions of the Divine Feminine in an international gathering of soul sisters.

Moon Mná Diary-Journal and Oracle Cards

Deepen your connection with the Moon and her rhythms with our popular Moon Mná Diary-Journal, Oracle Cards and Jewellery range.


Moon Musings

Learn how to bring the powerful archetypal energies of the Moon into your precious life.