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Welcome to the Moon Mná Siopa (Shu-pa) Gaelic for Shop/Store.

Here you may wish to indulge in a little retail therapy as you deepen your connection with Grandmother Moon and her rhythms with our popular Moon Mná Diary-Journal, Goddesses of Ireland Book, Oracle Cards and exquisite handcrafted Jewellery.

Moon Mná Diary-Journal

€20.oo including tax

For those whose heart beats with Celtic Soul, this Moon Mná Diary-Journal offers the precious gift of personal sacred time to reflect, just like Grandmother Moon. The word ‘mná’ means ‘women’ in Irish Gaelic, the beautiful native language of Ireland and is pronounced ‘meh-naw’.

Whatever stage of life you are at, taking the nightly journey these pages offer will help create strong empowering foundations as a woman. It is our dream that you will use this as an act of loving yourself which will flow out into all aspects of your epic life.

Goddesses of Ireland

€20.oo including tax

Thirteen Goddesses of Ireland reach forward from the mists of time as potent archetypal energies to empower us today. Here contemporary Irish women share their personal accounts of how these Goddesses resonate with them, informing and influencing their lives. This beautiful spiritual book highlights how these female Irish deities and their wisdom echo down the ages to inspire, encourage and guide us today

Brigid Oracle Cards Moon Mna

Brigid Oracle Cards

€30.00 including tax

This deck celebrates the many aspects of Brigid, Celtic Goddess and Matron Saint of Ireland.

This unique and very special oracle card deck is inspired by Brigid, the epitome of the feisty Irish woman of peace, hospitality, protection and inspiration. She embodies the energies of NEW BEGINNINGS and so gifts us the opportunity to bring our dreams to fruition with insights to intentional questions when using her cards.

Down through the ages, the archetypal energies of Brigid have spoken to many with wise words of guidance to enhance their lives in a myriad of ways. Now through these cards, lovingly crafted with intuitive journeying, it is your turn to hear her potent messages.

Sacred Ireland Celtic Moon Oracle Cards

€30.00 including tax

This unique and very special oracle card deck was inspired by the sacred land of Ireland, the Celtic Festivals, local Irish Goddesses and the names and phases of Grandmother Moon.

The ‘Sacred Ireland Celtic Moon’ oracle card deck comprises of 52 cards with 5 sections.


Bundle Offers

Beautiful gifts for loved ones and especially yourself. Combine the wisdom of the Sacred Ireland Celtic Moon Oracle Cards OR Goddesses Of Ireland Book with the Moon Mná Diary-Journal to make 2024 a very special year.

Irish Goddesses Book and Diary-Journal 2024

Moon Mna Diary Journal Goddess Book Bundle

Moon Mná Diary-Journal 2024 and Oracle Cards

Moon Mna Diary Journal Oracle Cards Bundle 2024

Goddesses of Ireland & Glorious Goddesses Bundle


Bundle Offer - Moon Mná Diary-Journal 2021 and Oracle Cards

€40.00 including tax

A beautiful gift for a loved one and especially yourself. Combine the wisdom of the Sacred Ireland Celtic Moon Oracle Cards with the Moon Mná Diary-Journal to make 2021 a very special year.

Celtic Moon Jewellery

Our Celtic Moon Jewellery is handcrafted in Ireland. They are inspired by the Moon Phases, incorporating the iconic Celtic spiral patterns and elements of nature. Each piece of jewellery is presented in a luxury deep purple velvet bag lined with pale lilac satin. The drawstring cords are also purple and with lilac satin finishings.

We regularly update our Moon Jewellery click here to see our latest offerings

Full Moon Pendant

Labradorite and Chrysocolla

Full Moon Pendant

Tiger Eye and Scolecite

Crescent Moon Pendant

Amethyst and Carnelian

Crescent Moon Pendant

Yellow Jasper

Soul Seers - An Irish Anthology of Celtic Shamanism

€20.00 including tax

An inspiring collection of stories, poetry and song lyrics featuring artwork by Irish Shamanic Artist Barbara O’Meara, this book is a wonderful gift to yourself or a friend. Woven subtly through the pages is a Celtic Ceremony that will take the reader on a sacred journey as they immerse themselves in the wonderful writing by contributors including renowned Irish singer/songwriter Mary Coughlan, Dr Ger Moane, Emertia Professor of Psychology UCD and Dr Karen Ward, Founder of Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles.

A stunningly beautiful publication which will appeal to all women embarking on a spiritual quest and indeed to anyone who is interested in exploring Celtic culture, heritage and contemporary Shamanism.


Moon Musings

Learn how to bring the powerful archetypal energies of the Moon into your precious life.