About Moon mná

Moon Mná is a gathering of women in community and in sisterhood under the timeless symbol of the Divine Feminine – Grandmother Moon. The emergence of ancient Irish wisdom emanating from the land of Ireland is lovingly brought forth in a new and contemporary way for all to share.

Since 2009, we have gathered in beautiful Moon Circles all over the world and our collective stories weave harmoniously together through distinct Themes.

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Personal Sovereignty

We are women in our natural strength and power who recognise and own our personal sovereignty, singing the songs of our soul together.

Pre-Celtic Irish Goddesses

The archetypal energies of the Irish Goddesses resonate with us as they have revealed their wisdom uniquely sharing Rites of Passage rooted in the ancestral wisdom of our fore-mothers.

Moon Mná Diary-Journal

We write in our Moon Mná Diary-Journals, divine with our Sacred Ireland Oracle cards, meet daily online where we share seasonal global initiatives at the Celtic Festivals.

Ceremony and Ritual

We are all part of a heartfelt dream at this crucial time on Mother Earth to radiate forth the energies of the Divine Feminine through communal ceremony and ritual.

Team Moon Mná

Meet some of the women who you may interact with along your journey with Moon Mná.

Bernie Sexton

Designer, Publisher and Síopa/Shop Manager

Renowned Graphic Designer, Artist and Digital Marketer,  Bernie is responsible for the branding and visual style of Moon Mná.  As well as having had a part-time career as an Aromatherapist, she designed all the Moon Mná Diary-Journals, Sacred Ireland Celtic Moon Oracle Cards, Soul Seers- An Irish Anthology of Celtic Shamanism book and the Moon Mná logo. Bernie set up the Moon Mná Siopa/Shop and manages the online sales and developing our retailer network with Karen.

Carolina Miyasaka

Digital Marketing and Social Media Innovator

Carolina has an MSc in Digital Marketing from TU Dublin. She also has a background in Communications and Media Production, with a focus on photography, film and journalism. She was born and raised in Mexico City, with Cuban and Japanese parents. She moved to Dublin to study and found her Celtic Soul on the way. Carolina is a feminist, a world traveller and a Nature lover. She brings her creativity, passion and enthusiasm to the Moon Mná team.

Our Course & Training

Moon Spiral Tuatha

Circle Facilitator Training

Goddess Spiral of the Year

Learn about Moon Rhythms

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Moon Mná Diary-Journal and Oracle Cards

Deepen your connection with the Moon and her rhythms with our popular Moon Mná Diary-Journal, Oracle Cards and Jewellery range.


Moon Musings

Learn how to bring the powerful archetypal energies of the Moon into your precious life.