Karen Ward

My name is Dr Karen Ward and my PhD research united both my beloved professions of Counselling  Psychotherapy and Shamanic Energy Therapy. I have always loved the archetypal energies of Grandmother Moon and combined with a yearning to sit in Irish themed Women’s Circles, I founded Moon Mná in 2009.

My heart beats with the rhythm and energy of this ancient land which I combine with my passion for the rise of the Divine Feminine equal but different to the Divine Masculine. From our Dublin based Clinic, my husband, John Cantwell and  I co-founded and run the Slí an Chroí School of Irish Celtic Shamanism. This is simply a sacred way of living and healing as a deep resource for the tradition of spiritual wisdom and mysticism through Nature, which is both ancient and contemporary, Celtic and pre-Celtic.

My Vision

It is my sincere desire that the wisdom of this sacred island gifted through Moon Mná Irish Goddess Rites awakens the Celtic soul seed within every woman who hears the call to join our Circles.

Facilitator of Womens Moon Circles Ireland
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Karen's Journey

Academic Background

With an honours degree in Microbiology at University College Dublin (UCD) followed by Marketing and PR training, I worked in Dublin and London as a Science Executive. Remember drinking yoghurt? That was one of my projects back in the day. On returning home to Ireland, I continued my daytime work with two colleagues in our London Irish Design and Marketing company 'Dante', eventually going freelance. 

My Hobby Evolved into a Career

I turned my hobby into a career when I trained to be a Yoga Teacher with the Irish Health Culture Association, the YTTC (Yoga Teachers Training Centre) and the Elbow Room core courses. When my students spoke of aches and pains, I decided to explore Aromatherapy Massage at the Walmer Centre. At this stage I was in my early thirties and down to a 3 day week on an extended EU marketing project with the National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI).

Established the Rhiannon Clinic

I knew that I needed to add Holistic Nutrition, again at the Walmer Centre and Reflexology at the Footprints School of Reflexology, to fully understand Bodywork therapies. In 1995 I commenced studying the human mind and emotions with Counselling Psychotherapy at the Irish Association of Holistic Medicine(IAHM) and on graduation became a member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) to offer a more rounded consultation experience. Finally having established my own Rhiannon Clinic in Smithfield, Dublin City, I complemented my body and mind therapies with the energetic work of Reiki at the Dorset Centre.


Then my world took a seismic shift when Shamanism opened up a glorious umbrella to cover the myriad of therapies I practised. Along with travel to work with indigenous shamans in Peru, Australia and America, I studied with the Four Winds Society, the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies, Dunderry and the Kilkenny College of Druidry. My husband John Cantwell and I co-founded 'Slí an Chroí' - a School of Celtic Shamanism with two tiers - the Medicine Spiral which is a personal journey of discovery and empowerment while the Healers Spiral trains students to become Shamanic Energy Therapists.

Unity Spirituality and Academia

I fulfilled a dream to unite spirituality and academia in completing my MA in All Hallows College. Then using a Shamanic Energy Therapy technique I devised, I conducted my PhD research in Counselling and Spirituality specifically Irish Celtic Shamanism in Dublin City University graduating at Spring Equinox 2019.

My Writings

Along the way I was the Holistic Therapist on RTE, Irish Television's 'Health Squad' for six years and the Energy Therapist on BBC Northern Ireland's 'Last Resort'. My publications include 'The Health Squad's Guide to Health and Fitness': Onstream Publications, 'Change a Little to Change a Lot': Merlin Press, 'Soul Seers - an Irish Anthology of Celtic Shamanism' and the annual 'Moon Mna Diary-Journal': Acrobat Design and Publishing. I am delighted to write for Naturally Good Health magazine quarterly and RTE website's Brainstorm section.

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