Fáilte Welcome to Moon Mná

Do you hear the call of your Celtic soul to commune with the energy of Grandmother Moon and embark on a sacred journey to contribute to the rise of the Divine Feminine? Inspired by ancient Moon Circles, the Irish Goddesses and Ireland’s Sacred Sites we invite you to ignite your passion and bring forth the wisdom that lies within your heart into everyday life. In Gaelic, the beautifully poetic Irish language, the word for women is mná pronounced ‘meh-naw’ and thus Moon Mná means Moon Women.

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Explore why women are connected to the Moon

The Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circle is ever evolving and influenced by the archetypal energies of the ancient Irish Goddesses and our ancestral fore-mothers. Their wisdom emanates from ancient texts, myths and intuitive dreaming which ebbs and flows with the cyclical phases of the Moon. We invite you to embrace this unique opportunity as a modern women in today’s world to set aside precious time to connect with the ancient wisdom of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon, the turner of tides and Star of us womenfolk.

Divine Feminine

Irish Goddesses

The Irish Goddesses from the Tribe of Mother Earth, known in Gaelic as the Tuatha Dé Danann speak to us from their legends and ancient Rites of Passage. These Divine Feminine deities were revered by our Ancestors as they offered sage guidance throughout their lives. Today they speak to us from the past resonating with the times we live in gifting us wisdom, grace and knowing as we stand equal to but different from our menfolk.

Moon Circle Themes

These unique Themes have collectively emerged over the years from the heart-felt longing of the women who sat in Circle, the profound response of the Sacred Sites and the archetypal energies of the Goddesses of Ireland in tune with the spiral of the Seasons and Grandmother Moon.  When merged with other empowering and healing feminine issues, these collectively form the Moon Mná Lunar Themes.


Goddess Rites and Ceremonies

The Rites of Passage, Blessings and Ceremonies of these Irish Goddesses awaken  seeds that lie dormant. Every woman carries these within including the divine triskel of Maiden, Mother and Crone energies. In ancient times these sacred Rites activated these seeds to educate, empower, and enliven. Today we at Moon Mná  offer a return to this precious awakening by listening to the call of your emerging soul with an opportunity to receive these in the community of like- hearted women.

As you learn how to immerse yourself in ways to honour your Sovereignty, may Grandmother Moon inspire and gently guide you.

Womens Moon Circles
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A Moon Mná Invitation

Your invitation is to step forward and spiral in to engage at whatever level calls to you initially, perhaps deepening as you open your Celtic soul to the inherent wisdom that lies within your heart of hearts.

You may wish to commence this epic voyage of self discovery by writing in your Moon Mná Diary-Journal nightly or receiving our monthly complimentary Attunements. Perhaps you may sign up for the Self Ceremonies which revolve around the Moon Mná Lunar Themes under the guardianship of the Irish Celtic Goddesses or spiral deeper into our online Facilitators Course to learn how to host your own local Moon Mná Circle.  

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Diary Journal

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Now is the Time, embrace who you truly are.

Women in Circle offer each other support in all the challenges and joys of life