Goddess Spiral of the Year Course

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Celtic Festivals, the Irish Goddesses and their relevance to your life today? Our wise Ancestors divided the year into 8 distinct sections – the start of each Season and the midpoint between each mirrored in the Sky above and the Earth below. So Samhain begins Winter, Imbolg heralds Spring and the Solstice marks Mid-Summer or Mid-Winter depending on which Hemisphere you live in, etc.  Each Festival has a guardian Irish Goddess and I am honoured to offer my bardic skills to bring their stories, myths and legends alive so they may guide you on the significance of their archetypal energies with the Celtic Festival and Season to which they are aligned.

To deepen the experience of this connection you are invited to create your own simple traditional exercise and ‘journey’ to connect with each Goddess in your own way to embody their gifts into your being. In this way you spiral through the year to deepen your connection with the ancient Celtic traditions. You also have the opportunity to join with other soul sisters from this Course as well as the Moon Ritual Self Ceremony and Lunar Gatherings on a private Facebook Page called Moon Mná Courses Tribe. 

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Connect with the treasure of your precious Lineage

The Goddess Spiral of the Year Course

Here is what you receive

8 Videos for each Festival of the Year

You will be introduced to each of the Irish Goddess 'Guardians' as we spiral through each turning point on the Celtic Wheel as their stories, myths and legends come to life.

8 Audio Guardian Goddesses Journeys

These exquisite Immrama (Irish Gaelic for Wonder Voyages) will gift you the opportunity to meet the Irish Goddess Guardians and ask them for important insights on how to avail of their archetypal energetic gifts.

8 Written Self Ceremonies

These nourishing yet simple exercises will help you to connect deeply with each Goddess in your own way to embody their gifts into your being at home. These are different and complimentary to the Audio Journeys.

Instant and Year-long Access

When you join, you receive instant access to all 8 sections of the Course to study how the year progresses in your own self-paced time.

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Join The Goddess Spiral of the Year

This sacred cycle takes you in a spiral around the traditional Celtic Wheel of the Year guided by 8 iconic Celtic and pre-Celtic Irish Goddesses. Hear the call of  this unique Moon Mná treasure, a  glorious opportunity to experience how their archetypal energies and the turn of the seasons relate to your contemporary life today as  a modern woman. This Course is also available for those in Southern Hemisphere countries with their own specific seasonal references, equal and opposite to the Northern Hemisphere Island of Ireland where the Celtic Festivals and Irish Goddesses originated. 

Join the entire Course for €140.00 or each month individually for €20.00 each.

Goddess Spiral of the Year Community

There is a terrific opportunity to join with like-hearted women on this unique and powerful Course. Over the 12 months, you will enjoy weaving home study with optional sharing on our private Moon Mná Courses Facebook page with international soul sisters as a terrific way to honour your heritage and the Divine Feminine rising to take her place beside the Divine Masculine - equal but different.

Imbolg - Goddess Brigid

Brigid’s archetypal energy urges us to embrace the power of heart and hearth within ourselves more than ever. Her elements of fire and water inspire us to ignite our power and be who we were born to be. Imbolg heralds Springtime bringing life in the form of sprouting plants, the birth of the baby lambs and a lengthening of the days.

Spring Equinox - Goddess Gráinne

Gráinne teaches us how to harness our youthful verve and enthusiasm as we face life’s challenges with drive. Spring Equinox ushers in the 'quickening' when life takes a major grow spurt with a noticeable difference in the times of dawn and dusk. Now we forge ahead with our plans as they burgeon bringing our dreams to fruition.

Bealtaine - Goddess Ériu

Ériu is our guardian as she guides us to embody, know and hold our own sovereignty. Beltaine/Beltane announces early Summer as plants and trees wear their arraignment of flowers beautifully and our world becomes a profusion of colour and light. Now we too begin to emerge with vibrant passion and enthusiasm for life.

Summer Solstice - Goddess Danu

Danu is the personification of the Earth itself here in these Celtic Lands, where she provides for us with natural abundance and generosity. The Summer Solstice to our Ancestors was a celebration of the light from both the Sun and from their understanding of the Divine. Our invitation too is to shine our light for all to see.

Lughnasadh - Goddess Macha

Northern Irish Goddess Macha’s gift is to know that we do indeed reap what we sow. She teaches us to bravely speak up no matter the consequences. Lughnasadh is a time of much revelry as communities, after the hard work of bringing in the early harvest, celebrated their bounty. We may be inspired to realise our good fortune too.

Autumn Equinox - Síle Na Gig

The Celtic Wheel of the Year spirals to conclusion at Autumn Equinox which ushers in a time of balance and harmony. This turning point reminds us to befriend the powerhouse that is Síle Na Gig and allow her to inspire us to harness our wild and wonderful sexuality. An important step to acknowledge this vital part of who we are.

Samhain - An Cailleach

An Cailleach, the great Crone Goddess guides us as we gently enter hibernation time. Samhain has always been a natural time for reflection on Life and Death, on personal renewal as we celebrate the turning of the year. At the Celtic New Year, we pay homage to those who have lived before us so that we have life today - our Ancestors.

Winter Solstice - Goddess Boann

Boann, who embodies the mighty River Boyne gifts us the power to flow in our decisions, to tend to our fledgling plans which can lead us to greatness beyond our wildest dreams. The Winter Solstice heralds the return of the light in the depths of Winter and so for our Ancestors, in the stillness of hibernation, hope was born.

You will have the opportunity to progress through the Course material at your own self-pace and connect with me and the other international women via our private Facebook page around each of the Celtic Wheel of the Year Festivals.

Access to the full Course material (all 8 Celtic Festivals) is for 12 months. If you sign up for an individual Celtic Festival, you will have access for 1 month.

There are no refunds, and payment plans may not be cancelled once they have been initiated. Please consider your needs before joining, thank you.


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