Moon Ritual Self Ceremony

A Moon Mná Self Ceremony is a simple and profound way to bring sacred rituals into your home or garden under your favourite Moon phase. So many women wish to honour their deep yearnings to connect with Ancestors, spiritual guides, our amazing female bodies and the Divine Feminine in a way that is safe and supported.

This is a unique opportunity for you as a modern women in today’s world to set aside precious time for yourself to commune with the ancient wisdom of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon. Knowing that you are stepping into a worldwide community of women together collectively creating and weaving the energies of the Divine Feminine in your own homes, gardens or special places of resonance.

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Honor Your Inner Goddess

The concept of an Inner Goddess has existed for many, many Moons worldwide and this is an opportunity to consciously honour your own Inner Goddess with this fascinating and powerful Self Ceremony.

In the Irish Celtic shamanic tradition, we call this our Anam Leathcuplá – our Soul Twin. This is the version of us that represents our fully healed higher/authentic Self. We all have glimpses of her now and again, when we fully open up to our greatness and feel empowered to be who we truly are shining our immense light in the world being all we can be. There is much wisdom in tapping into this very important aspect of ourselves.

This is for you if:

You desire to create the opportunity to change something very deep in today’s culture and society to pave the way for yourself and indeed future generations of younger women.

Those of us who have Irish heritage and many of us womenfolk have a distinct disadvantage in that we have had to overcome centuries of being told we were ‘less than’, not being revered or indeed not ‘rating’ ourselves consequentially.

Attuning to your Inner Goddess will pave the way to honour, respect and bring to the fore this vital and empowered part of our being holistically. This simple yet highly effective Self Ceremony will gift you the ability to know and embrace your Inner Goddess safely and easily.

Art by Barbara O'Meara

Here's What You Will Receive

Goddess Video

This video explains all about the Goddess guardian or feminine aspect behind each Theme in a fascinating story to be pondered. 

Ritual and Chant

This simple yet detailed step by step guidance gifts you the ability create your own Moon Mná Self Ceremony each month.

Course Material

The material shared is downloaded in pdf format to assist you incorporate this easily into your life bringing the sacred into your home.

Access to Online Community

We have a dedicated Facebook group for participant sharing with other soul sisters from this Course as well as the Goddess Spiral of the Year and Lunar Gatherings on a private Facebook Page called Moon Mná Courses Tribe. If you prefer not to use Facebook, no worries, the material is the main feature. 

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Join The Moon Ritual Self Ceremonies

This sacred Course takes us around 12 Moon cycles OR you can join for each one individually. This unique Moon Mná treasure is a  glorious opportunity to experience how the Irish Goddesses and their archetypal energies and the Celtic Wheel of the year relate to your contemporary life today as modern woman.

If you sign up for the full year, you receive access to the full content of the Course so on the 1st of each month you can go through it all at your own pace.  If you sign up for one month’s Self Ceremony, you will receive access within 2 days.

Join the entire course for €113.oo or take each month individually for €13.00

Join the full Course for 12 months €113.00

Receive access to the monthly topics. All Themes are listed below.

January - Soul Sight with Goddess Aisling

See with your inner eyes, tap into your intuitive 'Medicine Eye' with the guidance of ethereal Faerie Goddess Aisling - the Vision.

February - Spring Clean with Goddess Brigid

Ignite the fire within your soul under the guardianship of this icon of Irish womanhood - Brigid of the heart and the hearth.

March - Moontime Art with Goddess Gráinne

Explore the energy of your menstrual Moontime creatively this month with the Irish Maiden Goddess Gráinne.

April - Learn to Shapeshift with The Morrigan

Embrace the Morrigan's Birth, Death, Rebirth cycle with wisdom and courage to find how this reflects in your everyday life.  

May - Milk Moon Beautiful Breasts

Offer healing and gratitude to your precious Breasts under the Milk Moon with unconditional love and the grace of acceptance.

June - Earth-painting with Danu

Celebrate and heal being mothered and the mothering phase of your life whether that be birthing babies or creative projects.

July -
Meet Your Local Faeries

Connect with the magic and focus of Na Sidhe, the Faerie Folk and learn how to live side by side in harmony with them in your home.

August - Own Your Goddess Power

Open up to your greatness and be empowered by who you truly are, inspired by the Goddesses of Ireland.

September - Sacred Sexuality with Síle Na Gig

Awaken your wild sensuous sexuality to integrate this vital part of your essence holistically as an empowered woman.

October - Honouring Your Womb Cauldron

Learn to know the power of the Energetic Cauldron of your Womb by tapping into this sacred powerhouse of your femininity.

November - Older, Wiser, Finer with the Crone Goddess

Invite The Cailleach, the powerful Crone Goddess to gift you a celebration of your natural aging and call in your elder years.

December - Water Witching with Boann

Flow gracefully with the Goddess of the River Boyne creating a water witching prayer for the new stories you are dreaming in.

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Moon Musings

Learn how to bring the powerful archetypal energies of the Moon into your precious life.