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Skyclad Swimming is all about body consciousness, daring to bare and community strength and safety. It is one of the most rewarding Themes to be a part of and a huge milestone for many of us women. The word ‘Skyclad’ means wearing nothing but the Sky, naked as the day you were born. The deliciousness of feeling the water against your bare skin, the fun and laughter of the community of women together and the freedom and daring do of it all is exhilarating!

As women how are we with our bodies and our nakedness? What messages, conscious or unconscious, did we pick up from our mothers and grandmothers. Do you ever admire another woman for what you don’t see in yourself, thinking ‘her breasts/legs look fantastic’ while ignoring your own? Loving someone else’s curves but berating yourself for carrying a few extra pounds? This is a unique opportunity to honour your feminine body and honour the sacredness inside yourself.

Remember our bodies are mostly made of water, at least 70% so, I invite you to acknowledge this and the sacredness that Mother Earth has given us with this precious element. Often known as the element of emotions and associated with our 2nd Sacral Chakra where the mighty cauldrons of our wombs lie since we shed so much from that part of our bodies in our Moontime blood, urine and faeces. Continually releasing and letting go…” Let us commune together under Seanmháthair Gealach Grandmother Moon in the company of soul sisters.