Circle Facilitator – February’s Theme – Brigid’s Fire Blessing

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The objective of this module of the Course material is to prepare you to host the Moon Mná Theme: Brigid’s Fire Blessing. This offers you various methods to learn all about the Irish Celtic Goddess Brigid and gives you examples of the core Moon Mná aspects of holding a Circle in relation to this Theme. You will be offered Brigid’s Fire Blessing from the remains of her original ancient Fire Temple in Kildare. There are videos and documents with information to empower you to gift Brigid’s Fire Blessing to the women in your Circle – a truly amazing experience.

The videos from this Theme come to you from Kildare, in Gaelic Cill Doire (pronounced Kill Dir-ah) meaning Church of the Oak which was St. Brigid’s home and the site of her monastic city community. Some feature both her Healing and her Garden Wells and her Fire Temple in the grounds of St Brigid’s Cathedral.

Imbolg blessings to you and yours. Please enjoy this really beautiful Theme and all that Irish Celtic Goddess Brigid offers you.