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This first of 3 empowering Moon Mná Menopause Circles will focus on our beautiful bodies. Below you will discover holistic and shamanic energetic ways to overcome the myriad of expressions of Peri-Menopause and Menopause through video, audio and written notes.  Having lived through both for many years, I recognise that this is a key transition for us, often referred to as ‘riding the Dragon’. This Circle will cover the many physical ways of experiencing this phase of life as a woman. Most importantly I will offer you tried and tested ways to nourish your body and alleviate symptoms experienced by women the world over including herbal help. Menopause is an important Rite of Passage in our lives.

This exciting and vital Course is for women who wish to holistically explore, discover and make friends with their Menopause. Here at Moon Mná we like to refer to our menstrual bleed as our Moontime since our monthly cycle mirrors Grandmother Moon as she moves through her many phases. Let us look at the many and varied symptoms which our precious bodies experience from heat, dryness and achy joints to heavy and irregular periods plus so much more. Each of the sections below will help you prepare to make the most of this time in your life with visual, audio and written material. Here I bring my knowledge and skills as a scientist, academic researcher, herbalist, shamanic and holistic therapist to fruition for you. It is an honour and privilege to offer to you the wise offerings of our foremothers combined with my own personal journey to post menstrual health.