Circle Facilitator – April’s Theme –  The Morrigan’s Burlá Ghuí for Birth, Death, Rebirth

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The objective of this module of the Course material is to prepare you to host the Moon Mná Theme: The Morrigan Birth, Death, Rebirth Burlá Ghuí. This offers you a variety of methods to learn all about this powerful lesser known Irish Celtic Goddess The Morrigan and gives you examples of the core Moon Mná aspects of holding a Circle in relation to this Theme. You will be shown how to weave together Nature offerings into a ‘Burlá Ghuí’ the Irish Gaelic for ‘Prayer Bundle’ to honour the many ways we birth, experience death and ultimately forge ahead to be reborn. There are videos and documents with information to empower you to co-create with the women in your Circle this heartfelt honouring of the eternal cycle of life.

The videos from this Theme come to you from my Clinic and Celtic Shamanic Centre in Dublin City, Ireland which is near a Maternity Hospital, beside a Graveyard and has been reborn from a former Schoolhouse. 

Please enjoy this really artistic Theme and all that The Morrigan and her sisters offer you.