Lunar Gatherings

If you yearn to be in circle with soul sisters and receive the traditional women’s Rites of Passage from me then these very precious Lunar Gatherings once a month are just what you have dreamed of. This is a simple yet profound way to begin or indeed deepen your journey to honour the Divine Feminine.  Each month there is a special Theme on an important aspect of being a women in today’s world – our sacred sexuality, creativity, visioning our future, the triple spiral of Maiden, Mother and Crone, our wombs and breasts and the cycle of birth, death and rebirth amongst many.

So many women wish to honour their deep longings  to connect with Ancestors, spiritual guides, our amazing female bodies and the Divine Feminine in a way that is safe and supported. This is a wonderful  opportunity for you  to set aside precious time  to commune with the ancient wisdom of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon while  stepping into a worldwide community of women with me online.  You may decide to join for one month to see if this is for you or sign up for the whole year and join a tribe of women of heart and Celtic soul together. Hear the call!

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The Benefits of Lunar Gathering

Many Moons ago our female Ancestors were initiated into womanhood by their Elders in sacred Ceremony. There was no shock or hurt finding out about the rudiments of sexuality and menstrual shedding behind the bicycle shed at school . Instead there was a loving welcome and treasured celebration of the ‘blood mysteries’ of womenfolk. 

With these special Rites of Passage gifted by me to you in an online Circle once a month, you are gifted the immense opportunity to awaken all that lies within your heart of hearts. It is our natural birthright to be sovereign, empowered and loving and over the year we will explore this and so much more together as a  ‘tribe’ of soul sisters who seek to know.


Here Is What You Will Receive

Live Gathering - 1 hour

Join me for a Live Zoom Conference Call where we will see each other and interact together over this hour long online Circle. These take place each month (dates below) mostly from 8pm-9pm, usually under the Full Moon but not always.

Receive the Irish Celtic Rite of Passage for Women

Receive the powerful Irish Celtic Women’s Rites of Passage, unique to Moon Mná, to awaken power, sacred sensuality, insights and so much more within you.  These Rites were passed to me through divine inspiration and this sacred land.


We will e-meet each month during our hour together via the Zoom Breakout Rooms where you may share as much or as little as you are comfortable with in pairs or triskels during the Talking Full Woman tradition section. 

Join Our Lunar Gathering

You are so welcome to join me for our sacred Circle online to receive the many Moon Mná Rites of Passage, Journeys and crafting together under the watchful gaze of Grandmother Moon. We gather each month under a different Moon phase so you may experience her potent changing energies.

Sign up for the entire Course €160.00 or each month individually for €15.00.

Join for 12 months €160.00

Join Karen each month to receive a sacred Celtic Rite of Passage/Journey/Creative tradition. See below for the monthly themes, dates and times.

January 13th

Dark New Moon 8pm-9pm

Dream in your very brightest calendar year ahead with Goddess Aisling as she offers her ethereal energies to help you create a Vision Board.

February 4th

Last Half Moon 8pm-9pm

May your passion ignite as powerful Irish Goddess and Matron Saint Brigid gifts her magnificent Brigid's Fire Blessing at the start of Springtime.

March 21st

Half Moon 8pm-9pm

Honour your first 'Moontime' with the very precious Maiden Rites of Gráinne as you retrospectively recreate your experience.

April 27th

SuperFull Moon 8pm-9pm

Embrace the powerful Birth, Death, Rebirth cycle of life with The Morrigan's Burlá Ghuí Prayer Bundle created from Mother Nature's best.

May 26th

SuperFull Moon 8pm-9pm

Revere your beautiful Moons of Love Sacred Breasts with a shamanic Journey to have a sacred conversation with them asking what they need.

June 24th

SuperFull Moon 8pm-9pm

Receive the exquisite Mother Rites of Danu as you heal your own mothering and honour how you mother babies/projects today.

July 23rd

Full Moon Eve 8pm-9pm

Revel in the delightful energies of the Faerie Rites awakening to the mischief, magic and focus within as, with respect and honour, Na Sídhe gift you these.

August 8th

New Moon 8pm-9pm

Reveal Your Inner Goddess and capture a soul moment in a very special photograph assisted by an Irish Goddess as she helps you know your true nature.

September 20th

Full Moon 8.00pm-9.30pm

Fully release your sacred sexuality in balance with your holistic nature by awakening to the magnificent Síle Na Gig Rites.

October 20th

Full Moon 8.00pm-9.30pm

Journey to the Energetic Cauldron of Your Womb as you listen while this most treasured 'cauldron of potential' tells you what she needs from you.

November 19th

Lunar Eclipse 8.00pm-9.30pm

Receive the Crone Rites of the Cailleach to honour your fore-mothers lineage and smooth your journey to elderhood whatever your current age.

December 12th

Half Moon 8.00pm-9.30pm

Flow with River Goddess Boann as we explore the sacred art of crafting while listening to her fascinating and empowering story as Winter Solstice beckons.


Moon Musings

Learn how to bring the powerful archetypal energies of the Moon into your precious life.