Terms and Conditions of Moon Mná Facilitator Course

  1. You have access to the Course Material for  3 years from your start date.
  2.  If you wish to be certified as a Moon Mná Facilitator please complete the 13 Reflective Feedback forms after you have held your women’s circle. You will be offered a 3 year period to do this from when you commenced. Please keep all your Reflective Feedback safely.
  3. Moon Mná will not be able to provide refunds once you have made a purchase each month.
  4. Please take note of your renewal subscription date to ensure there are enough funds to clear your monthly subscription.
  5. If you wish to stop your membership please inform Moon Mná one week before your subscription is due and we will issue a stoppage.
  6. Moon Mná is now fully GDPR compliant and all the details of this are accessed on the Website bottom banner.
  7. Please note that Moon Mná is always evolving and with this evolvement comes change and these Terms & Conditions and the Course content will be subject to modification from time to time.
  8. When hosting any Moon Mná Theme it is energetically important to honour the origin and source of the sacred transmission. So, both in your advertising and on the actual night, I ask that you indicate that you are holding a Moon Mná Lunar Theme e.g. “Brigid’s Fire Blessing – a Moon Mná Blessing”.  Much work and deep sourcing has gone into the channelling of these and it is important that you acknowledge where the Themes came from. This way the women who come to your Circle will appreciate the uniqueness, first-rate principles and energy behind the Course and its contents.
  9. Please do not share any Course materials with others or use this material to teach others. An honourable agreement was made before beginning the Course and I trust you all to adhere to this. This includes showing others the documents and videos. As you know these Themes come from much sacred energetic holding and any teaching needs be done directly with myself. I appreciate you maintaining this energetic contract.
  10. Please inform the attending women that they cannot pass on these Rites or Blessings to others. If their friends or family want to receive them then they must come to you to receive or me to be taught. Each Goddess was very emphatic about this. The gifting of the Rites and Blessings may look easy to do but we all know the powerful energetic holding that needs to be in place to do this.
  11. Most of the Moon Mná Themes involve an energetic transmission, which can only be done live either in person or online. If you are using the internet to hold your Circles please do not record the Rite or Blessing for later transmission on Social Media or for sharing with women who did not attend your live transmission Circle. This is highly important as you are not ‘holding’ anyone viewing at a later time and so it is unsafe for a woman who is not ready for such powerful energy work.
  12. If you have a traditional or digital public platform which lists qualifications, please include that when you are a certified Moon Mná Facilitator. For those of you are not already aware, you are certified by Slí an Chroí, Irish School of Shamanism – a member of the International Society of Shamanic Practitioners and The Association of Complementary Medicine. These are strong professional criteria to have behind you.

It is my dream that we move forward into the future as beacons of Light to shine our holding of the Divine Feminine in harmony and balance with our families, communities and the world we live in as Seanmháthair Gealach continues to inspire us in all we do.

Mile Buíochas go leir!